Blog tour time! Please visit these great sites and show them (and Leaving Annalise) some love and support. Speaking of which, I’d love to see your honest reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads, of this and all of my books.

This week:

  • Opining on book covers at Confessions of a Reader. Lucky for me, I’ve got Heidi Dorey in my corner. Which reminds me, I can’t WAIT to show you the cover for Katie & Annalise #3!
  • Over on Book Spotlight, there’s a REVIEW of Leaving Annalise. Seriously, I can’t read these things. I leave that to you guys, so don’t tell me if it’s bad news!
  • And on Lori’s Reading Corner, an interview with the one and only AVA BUTLER of Leaving Annalise (and the whole Katie & Annalise series). Knowing Ava, this is bound to be good.

Last weekend I spent some quality time in a Houston Kroger introducing people to Katie & Annalise. I can’t say that was my favorite type of event ever, but Liz Dees did come by and chat, and Eric hung with me for solidarity. We met great people and sold a lot of books, too. And we cut out early on Saturday to watch the Aggies come THIS CLOSE to beating Alabama. My fingers are crossed they’ll meet again this season 😉 I have three more Krogers to do before Christmas. They are so great in their support of local writers, and I know I need to do this, but, God forgive me, I dread them.

We booked a few fall events. I had said I wouldn’t do any. Then I signed up for the four Krogers. Now I’m also confirmed with a book club in Georgetown, a writer’s group in College Station, and three Barnes and Nobles. Everything is nice and spaced out though. For details, visit the Events page.

I am up to my eyeballs in Houston Writers Guild. Feel like checking out what I’ve been up to? I’m booking agents, editors, and authors for our workshops and spring conference, fast and furious. Want to offer your services? Give me a shout!

Somehow I managed to deliver an anti-bullying class for a client this week, but it wasn’t pretty. This was week two of the flu, and everyone in the house had it. I’m finally better, and dying for some exercise.

And now for the big news: drumroll………..

It has a title…………

And it is back in my editor Meghan’s capable hands post beta feedback………….

Katie & Annalise #3! (Squee!)

But I’m not telling you about the title yet. I’ll save that for when we show off the front cover, which is coming soon.

One of the things I’m doing for HWG is leading a critique circle, which will force me to finish the first post-Katie & Annalise novel. It’s called Going for Kona, and it’s Eric’s and my mother’s favorite. We’ll see how it turns out, but I have high hopes.

And last tidbit for the week: Susanne took her Mallard duck to “show and tell” in Wildlife class for her high school. Enjoy some ducky love.





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