I'm too sexy for his shirt.

I spoke at a wonderful conference last weekend. It was hosted by a top notch team. The guests were fantastic.
My husband came with me to carry heavy things and pass out a couple of prizes to attendees.  One thing he did was pass around my special pink book for signatures. He also picked it back up when people were done.
Eric looked casual, but nice. It was the weekend. He, like half the male guests, had on jeans. He wore this Geoffrey Beene shirt:
It has a pattern in the fabric, but all in the same color. He wears it on casual Fridays  and out to dinner. He wears it a lot. I like this shirt. I like him it. It makes him happy. It looks very nice on him. Blue is his color. 🙂
(Yes, I pulled it out of the dirty clothes to photograph it.)
The last time he picked up the pink book, it had this note tucked into it:
(I blacked out some names for their privacy, because it was the names of my co-presenter and the host/presenter.)
Now, don’t go feeling bad for us. Balance it against this:
pink book page
There was a lot of that, verbally, too. In fact, the anonymous note was the only less than glowing feedback I got.
(If you want to see the pictures full size, click on them. Use the back button in your browser to return to this page.)
So I didn’t post the note  to elicit sympathy. I posted it because it’s so damn fascinating to me.  I teach classes on communication and feedback in the workplace. Quick: before you analyze it too much, what’s your initial reaction? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Wow, two thoughts hit right away. One was “How high-school. Rather than focus on the point of the meeting, she focused on your husband’s attire? Then communicated it in a secret note??” Whaaaa? My second thought is, the handwriting looked more feminine than masculine plus I can’s see a professional man even THINKING about doing this or caring about what Eric wore to a meeting so “Why is she paying THAT much attention to your handsome hubby in his Geoffrey Beene T?” Sort of missed the whole point of the meeting, huh! Might need to be taken out back and b-slapped to get that communication point across.

  2. I do a lot of presentations in my work and have preached in church and have preformed weddings and other public speaking opportunities. Here is my feedback.
    1. There is no way you are going to please everyone so don’t be surprised when you don’t. Do your best, be well prepared, try to improve and don’t worry about the rest.
    2. I would listen to her and see if there is some truth in what she wrote. When I have a message I want to get communicate I try to eliminate all hurdles that will prevent my message from being heard. Not saying she is right but thinking about it can’t hurt.

  3. What gets me most is that somehow this person ties Pamela’s legitamacy as an author to me, IN ANYWAY. Pamela IS a serious author (obviously) whether I am on the planet or not, much less what I am wearing.

  4. I’m a little late to comment on this, but one other thing caught my attention:
    “You should REQUIRE your husband . . . ”
    I can just hear that conversation now —
    “Eric, if you want to go with me, you’re going to have to wear the clothes I laid out for you. Otherwise, you’re staying home with Netflix and a t.v. dinner.”

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