Wow. Just wow. I didn’t expect this, but it’s happened again. When I put Saving Grace (#1, Katie & Annalise Series) on sale, it shot up to #3 in Romantic Mystery  and Cozy Mystery on Amazon. Squee! You can get it (or gift it) for 99 cents through November 15th, from most ebook sales outlets. PLEASE SHARE THIS SALE AND HELP ME KEEP THE RANKINGS UP!!!

thank you


who is this damn janet evanovich

Who is this damn Janet Evanovich, and why won’t she get out of the way??? #1 is a pre-order, which isn’t paid for until it comes out, so why is it showing in “paid sales?” Yeah, I’m whining, but that is BS. And small publishers can’t even put their ebooks on pre-order on Amazon. So it is double BS. Thus, I am really #2. Takedown Twenty doesn’t get to play until November 19th.

Note: You can gift audiobooks too, through Audible or Amazon. I just learned that, and it’s pretty cool considering Leaving Annalise just came out on audio, and it’s nearly the season. (Just sayin’)

Speaking of Leaving Annalise (#2, Katie & Annalise Series) , its ebook is on sale for $2.99 through November 15th, too. Want to read a fantastic review of LA? Look no further than Kate Eileen Shannon’s new post: HERE. She’s doing a giveaway of a signed copy of Leaving Annalise, so hurry up and enter, this is your last chance !She has turned me on to several new authors who I really enjoy, one of whom is Kate herself! She is a wonderful source for reviews and giveaways of mysteries.

Don’t forget how easy it is for you to leave a review on Amazon. Want to watch my demonstration? Do that HERE.

Want to see a great example of leaving a review? Check out this review of the Katie & Annalise series by Laurel Osterkamp: HERE . This review means even more to me because I really respect Laurel as a writer and highly recommend her novel The Holdout, which is on sale for 99 cents today, too. Think Survivor, but as a romantic dramedy.

Eric and I are enjoying a little Nowheresville time with Petey and the goats dem before we swing back through the Woodlands for the Barnes and Noble event there. Besides biking/hiking/jogging, we will log some productive time. I should have the Bellaire FFA Cookbook finished and uploaded for a proof on CreateSpace soon. Editing/formatting a cookbook, by the way, is a bigger task than I had hoped ;-). But they make great stocking stuffers, and I promised to have it done for just that kind of purchase, thus I soldier on.

Petey was shivering, y'all. It's cold in the Quacker.

Petey was shivering, y’all. It’s cold in the Quacker.

Have a super weekend,


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