SMALLgoldFINALISTlogoAh, yay for my little Loser book — it just won a USA Best Book Award in Business: Writing & Publishing!


I’m throwing it a celebration party tonight 🙂


Now, file this under awesome: Below is a message from a woman named Vicki, sent to me via Goodreads. Read from bottom to top. Click to enlarge, click back to return to the post.

goodreads vicki

I NEVER took the time to write to and thank my favorite authors in all the years I was a reader. Never. And I was obsessed with many wonderful authors. I now know how blessed they would felt to hear from someone like me, someone who benefited from their books. I always held back out of a combination of intimidation and laziness, maybe self-centeredness, and not knowing the impact it makes. These interactions make my day.

I put out the call this week for more Leaving Annalise reviews and three people immediately jumped to it. Thanks!!! The reason that I asked is that BookBub picked Saving Grace to send to its 780,000 member mystery reader email list, so the Katie & Annalise books are going to be under some scrutiny; now is the time (like NOW) to leave your reviews if you’ve been putting it off. I will run Saving Grace at 99 cents again from November 19-23rd as a result. I AM SO DANG EXCITED TO GET ON BOOKBUB. The 6th try’s a charm 🙂

Last night I had the honor of speaking to the Brazos Writers in Bryan-College Station, TX. They were so much fun! I did Saving Grace in 60 days, and then we talked indie publishing. I fear I went over the time allotment, but it was all good.


Have a super weekend,


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