1. Loser had a big weekend.

Not only did What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes, and How Can I Be One, Too? net a USA Best Books (2013) Business: Writing & Publishing award, but it scored a great review this weekend and cracked into the bestseller ranks for its category on Amazon for the first time. Click the picture, below, to see the new review.

loser 1st page and climbing

2. Google Alerts makes me happy.

I finally got with today’s technology and set up a Google Alert for mention of my books. What do you know, but it took me to the nicest review ever for the Katie & Annalise books (Saving Grace and Leaving Annalise) by a woman who bought them at the Texas Book Festival. Please check out her post and leave her some love? Click HERE.

3. Nice new author promotion site.

Are you an author looking to get some exposure? Check out this new website that runs book press releases: HERE.

4. Looking for something to listen to while you cook on Thanksgiving-eve?

I was just told that “Saving Graceโ€ will be streamed on NPR starting November 28th with an interview with me running November 27th. This is not the Audiobook version, but an original recording by one of the readers for the “A Good Book” show. Go to http://sunsounds.org at 10:00 PM MST. Click on Listen Now, and click on the Tempe audio choice. How cool is that?

5.Want to see something hideous?

So, this is what 3700 pounds of books look like in your living room. Oh my.


We got this shipment 60% cheaper than when we buy them one at a time from CreateSpace. So, rather than sell them and make money, what are we doing with them? Sending them to libraries, first across Texas, then, as stamina permits, across the country. Our goal is 1,000 libraries. Yes, this costs money. Libraries don’t generally buy indie authors. We need my books in communities around the country. We can’t get F*&#ing Barnes and Noble to work with us, no matter how many books I sell. So, we are gifting them. Rule of thumb for authors in their first five years, if one follows the James Patterson model? Spend every cent your books make on creating readership for future books, while you keep your day job. James Patterson is not a bad one to emulate.

6. Shhhh, don’t tell…

OK, tell everyone you know ๐Ÿ™‚ Saving Grace will be featured on BookBub on Tuesday, which is a big deal for it (and me). Their mystery email goes out to 740,000 people. Average sales on a BookBub promotion day are 1800 with as high as 4700 for mystery writers. Let’s pray her right up and over the average, y’all!

7. Fun stuff happening this week!

  • Monday I tape an episode of The Happiness Recipe, a radio show with Sandy Weaver-Carman and June Cline. I am really looking forward to sharing mine, as well as sharing my favorite recipe, and how I came upon it. Details to follow (air time, how to access).
  • YA YA Book Club in Rockwall Tuesday: This is a tagalong week for me with Eric in Dallas. That means I am close enough to shoot over to Rockwall and meet with a book club who read Saving Grace, at the invitation of a total sweetheart named Jamie Seach.
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday I will be doing the Kroger instore author program again. It’s that time of year, the time to buy gifts, and nothing makes better gifts than great books. ., Houston, TX. My mommy will be with me on Saturday, and Eric on Friday/Sunday.
  • Watch for another Leaving Annalise character interview later this week.

Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚



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