Random Shit About Me. Really.

My friend Manal sent me a message on Facebook. “I’ve nominated you for an award,” she said.

Cool. I like awards 🙂 This one is the Liebster Award.

What is a Liebster Award you might ask?  I wondered myself, but Manal explained. A Liebster Award is given for bloggers under 200 followers. Liebster means “Dearest” or “favorite” in German. Check out the Liebster Rules.

Award Liebster

Technically, I don’t meet the requirements. Not that I have a bazillion followers, but it’s more than 200. However, I used to have less than 200, and in honor of that stage we all go through with our shiny new blogs, I accept this award on behalf of my old self, when I felt like I was shouting into a vast black emptiness with no one listening. If you’re a writer/blogger, you know what I mean.

First, I’m supposed to tell you 11 random things about me. Manal answered these better on her blog, The Go Go Girl. Really, go read her list instead. In fact, go read her whole blog. She’s adorable.

11 random things about me

1. I have a friend named Manal who is sadly mistaken that she has the best husband a woman could want, because I have that one. I suspect hers is the 2nd best. 😉

2. I played the French horn in junior high school band. Yeah, you know you’re jealous that I got to wear the columbia blue wool uniform to march in August Texas heat.

3.  I played a dumb blonde in a musical once. *Sigh* Typecasting is a bitch.

4. My offspring don’t read my books.

5. My brother used to call me a Femi-Nazi. I didn’t kill him. I waited for fate to step in. He now has two daughters and zero sons. 🙂

6. Writing hurts my brain.

7. My favorite food is cow, specifically the ribeye, medium rare, with just good old salt, pepper, and butter.

8. I am happiest at my own house with my family. Bonus points if my hair is all pulled back and I’m in my jammies.

9. I want the entire US media to go away.

10. I quit drinking in 2003. Eric quit on our first date in 2006.

11. I sometimes wonder if I should have had more Boston terriers and less kids. (Just joshing, my beautiful offspring, just joshing)

Now, I have to answer Manal’s questions:

1. What cartoon character do you look like? Um, not Olive Oyl. Baby got back.

2. What are your goals and are you working on meeting them? LOL, world, meet the queen of goal-setting. My goals are a) to finish the raising up of the offspring into responsible adults who are a credit to my maternal influence b) be a wife worthy of the world’s greatest husband c) to treat my body as a temple and guard its dwindling athleticism and d) to continue to publish the best books I can write and find, while building a world-wide readership.

3. What brings you happiness? My family.

4. What do you expect your readers to get from your writing? An understanding friend to laugh and hold their breaths with.

5. Soda, water or alcohol? Black Cherry Stevia Soda

6. What is your favorite book? Lonesome Dove

7. Have you figured out your life’s work? Yes. 🙂

8. What do you do for fun? Bicycle. Hike. Travel. Play footsie with my sweetie.

9. Tell me something embarrasing (can’t wait to hear this one). I wore my lavaliere microphone into the bathroom — while turned on — during a break from a speech for 400 people. I got a great round of applause when I came back in the room.

10. Are you obsessed with your blog? Used to be. Now, I have trouble fitting it in. I still love it though. It’s an important connector for me with a lot of people.

11. Who was your first crush? I was boy crazy and I can’t remember! But he wore Adidas shoes, I do remember that, and it was in 2nd grade.

OK, now time for me to award the Liebster to a few poor suckers awesome bloggers. Y’all, blog 11 random things and answer the questions above, or the ones in the p.s. (b/c Vidya busted me being lazy and not making up my own questions, *sigh*, t’is true, I’m fried). Then inflict the award on your bloggy friends in turn. (You’re welcome)

Julie Timms of Just Jules

Rebecca Nolen

Nan Loyd of Little Black Dress Diaries

Gene  of BigZig Fitness

Rhonda of Dizzy Stir

Vidya Sury

Best red dress

That’s all I got.


1. If you had to, would you run naked on a beach? (now, Vidya, aren’t you sorry I asked my own??)

2. What is your favorite outfit of ALL TIME?

3. Next family holiday: cooking? visiting? eating out?

4. What oogies you out more than anything in the world?

5. ebook, audio, or print?

6. Who would play you in the movie of your life story?

7. If you could only keep one, would it be your eyesight or your hearing?

8. It’s the zombie apocalypse. You only have time to grab three things. And they are . . . ?

9. Vacation: beach, city, mountains, or?

10. Shower with massage heads or bubble bath whirlpool tub?

11. If you could trade lives with someone for a reality show, who would it be?

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  1. Thanks, Pamela. But “Gone” A-Musing? You naughty girl! It is a good thing I renamed my blog to just Vidya Sury and sneaked the going a-musing in the tag line.

    Hugs. I loved the 11 random things. Somehow, I expected you to ask your own set of questions. 😀 Love you, you know? I’ll be laughing at your answer to no.9 all day!

    1. Yes, definitely both. And 4 months later I was doing an even bigger speech in San Fran and I used that anecdote to open, and a guy raised his hand and said, “She’s telling the truth, I was there, in Lubbock.” So, infamy follows me.

  2. Oh gee thanx. I just KNOW everyone wants to know 11 random things about me AND the answers your wild questions (unless I go with the original ones). I don’t even know 11 random facts about myself! Guess I’ll have to ask Alpha Hubby ’cause he knows me better than I know myself!

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