1. Six of my eight books popped up on Oyster (the Netflix of books).  Want “all you can eat” ebooks? Check ’em out.

2. Audible sent me free codes for Leaving Annalise, so I get to give them away. This is going to be fun! If you will promise with all your heart, hope to die, that you’ll leave a review on Audible, message me. I could be persuaded to part with a freebie.

3. I tagged along with Eric this week for his trip to Dallas,


which meant I could slip over to Rockwall for the YA YA Book Club, at the invitation of the adorable Jamie Seach. What a fun group of women! They even let Kathleen, my Delta Zeta sorority sister from Texas A&M, crash the party. Because Jamie was instrumental in an entire book club buying several of my books, she received a sparkly advance review copy of Finding Harmony. Here she is reading it on the beach two days later. . . in Hawaii!!


Special thanks to Kathleen who seems to have launched an avalanche of readers with her Facebook post about the event.

kathleen friend conversation

kathleen friend review

4. Afterwards, I dropped care packages of books at three libraries in the area: Royse City, Garland, and Richardson.

5. All of that was to keep my mind off of the 740,000 BOOKBUB mystery emails that were sent at noon ET that day (Tuesday). And the rest of the week went by in a blur of nearly 5000 books sold in five days. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, I’m super excited. Here are some highlights of how beautiful it looked for Saving Grace on the various web sales channels. Remember, click to enlarge, back to return to this post.

#7 overall on Nook

nook top 100 number 7

#3 in mysteries on Nook

nook top mysteries

#2 in romance on Nook

nook top romance

#34 overall on Kindle

34 on kindle

#1 rankings across categories on Kindle

34 on amazon

#49 overall on Apple

itunes #49

#2 in mystery on Apple

itunes mystery #2

and . . .. #127-selling author overall on Amazon (all books by all authors go into this number).

127 author on amazon

My first Amazon revenue driven by the BookBub madness:

saving grace bookbub driven review

Pinch me!

6. I spent the cold, rainy weekend with Eric hanging out at a Houston Kroger store, chatting people up and sharing copies of my books. Lots of friends showed up. We have awesome friends (Ralph, Stephanie, Liz, David, Denise, Jim, Paula, Mark, you guys all rock!).


7. Finally, I finished the darn Bellaire High School FFA Cookbook, a volunteer/fundraiser project that has sucked up 60 hours and counting, but is for a cause near and dear to my heart: Future Farmers of America. Guess what? You can buy it on Amazon (paperback or ebook) starting next week. Wouldn’t it be cool to have our kitschy little book? Makes a great stocking stuffer!

ffa cover ebook

I’ll post the links next week.

You know, there was so much in this email, your eyes are probably tired. I think I’ll save my Nick interview for Leaving Annalise until next week.

Ciao, friends.



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