Recently two Amazon bestselling authors–one of whom was moi–set out to promote their second novels. A lot had changed in the world of ebook promotion since each of their debuts, however. When Rodney Walther first released Broken Laces, he had great success with Amazon “tags.” When I released Saving Grace, I found free days with KDP Select on Amazon to be a boon to paid rankings ( thus to overall book sales. However, Amazon did away with tags a year ago and it has decreased the impact of free ebooks on paid book rankings ( We needed to come up with something new.

In the last few months, BookBub ( has emerged as the “it” method for ebook promotion. BookBub has been known to generate very large sales for some authors, for free or sale-priced ebooks.  The benefits of BookBub are their exceptionally large and loyal subscription to their book recommendation emails, by genre, and that they have large numbers of readers favoring Kindle, Nook, and Apple, with readers loyal to other web sales channels as well, like Kobo and Smashwords. Rodney was able to promote to a women’s fiction list over 390,000 subscribers strong and me to a mystery list of over 740,000 (plus the added reach of social media and favorable web page placement), with their BookBub days.

The downsides of BookBub are that it is a little pricey, very selective, and will only feature an author every 30 days. For a complete pricing breakdown, visit their pricing page ( Rodney paid $320.00 to promote his women’s fiction book and I paid $500 to promote her mystery. Both of us were selected, but it was clear that the selection had to do with past strong sales of the books, awards we had won, and a large number of favorable reviews (Rodney’s book had 78 5-star reviews on Amazon, and mine had 86 5-star reviews). BookBub is looking for books their readers will enjoy, and books that will succeed with the promotion. They actively promote the bestseller rankings, awards, and reviews in the email blast to their subscribership. BookBub will reject books it doesn’t feel are right for a particular list, or for their readership in general. They know their readers well. And they reject 75-90% of the submissions they receive. (No, that was not a typo.)

So, how did Rodney and I do?

To read the BookBub tale of two authors, jump over to “How to Sell a Ton of Books on BookBub.”

Meanwhile, did you know books make great gifts? And that you can give ebooks and audiobook gift codes? Those, or rolled up paperbacks, fit nicely into stockings. Just sayin’. You can get all three for my books through my Amazon author link.

Hurry on over there! Now! Before they sell out ;-). Andale! (That was Spanish, y’all.)

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