How about I make your holiday season less expensive by putting all my Amazon paperbacks on sale? And if that’s not enough, note the rock bottom ebook and audio prices :-).
Snag your gift copies here! ( <–& share this link)
Get my paperbacks at all time low prices on Amazon:
>> Bestselling romantic mystery Saving Grace
($7 — #1 in Katie & Annalise series),
>> Award-winner Leaving Annalise ($8 — #2 in series),
>> Uber helpful What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes ($7),
>> Hilarious How to Screw Up Your Kids ($7),
>> Hot Flashes ($6), Clark Kent/Puppalicious/Marriage ($7)!
Ebook prices are also rock bottom ($0.99-$3.99), and audio is only a $1.99 add-on to some of the ebooks. Get the 3-books-for-1 “How to Screw Up Your Family (Kids, Marriage, Pets)” bundle for just $3.99.
You can even *pre-order* the paperback of Finding Harmony, #3 in series (ebook pre-orders on B&N & iTunes
We’re off to freezing-cold Brenham (featured author at the Book Nook during the Brenham Christmas Stroll), Nowheresville, San Antonio for my grandmother’s 90th birthday, then back to Houston for Dixie & Susanne’s first stock show (!) and hosting the Houston Writers Guild Writing Sex: Fantasy v Reality workshop/webinar. Whew! I need my Wheaties.
Finally, if you would like to listen to the the Mr. Mom radio program interview I did over Thanksgiving, check it out here: How to Screw Up Your Kids, the Mr. Mom interview.

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