Hey y’all,

After two blissful, distraction-free weeks in Nowheresville (neither Meghan or Eric count as distractions), I made it through my rewrite, draft one. What that means is I literally took 85,000 and deleted them all, big hunks at a time, and rewrote them. And I ended up with 85,000 words, a new protagonist, a highly suspenseful story, and lot of great new twists. I’m pretty excited, because I always think when I start a book (from scratch or as a complete rewrite of an old idea) that the last finished novel was a fluke and I’ll never repeat. It is with enormous relief that I realize I can still do this thang.

Now, it isn’t ready for Meghan the wonder editor to do a story critique yet. I have five work days left on my calendar, and I need to pore back over it and continue working on story and characterization. I must do seven chapters a day, so it will be intense. I’m back in Houston, and panic is setting in. Today was supposed to be a work day, but life got in the way. It tends to do that. I love my distractions (the major ones are tall and blond-headed and claim I gave birth to them, but sometimes I wonder), writing just takes an enormous amount of energy and concentration for me.

Take me back to Nowheresville!

I did get an authorized day off for a really fun Listen to Your Mother rehearsal. We are rocking the Jefferson Theater in Beaumont, TX next Sunday May 4 at 2 p.m. If you aren’t in Southeast Texas to catch us as we give Mother’s Day a microphone, then maybe you can go to one of the 31 other shows across the U.S. For a list of the show in your area, visitย http://listentoyourmothershow.com/local-shows/.

Here are some pictures of the Nowheresville sojourn, for those interested. Now, I’m going to watch our Houston Rockets. But on Monday, I’m putting my little brain back to work.

That’s all I got,


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