Happy Mother’s Day, Y’all!!!
I’ve got almost everything I want in the pictures below: a great mom, wonderful kids, and animal babies to boot.
Bonnie and her mom Penelope
Clyde and his mom, Katie (yes, she was named after the fictional Katie)
The 17-yo Susanne
20-yo Liz
hug 3
Petey the one-eyed Boston terrier (and Susanne)


Shreveport! 18-yo Clark Kent on the right

My mommy, and savior during 1st meltdown (on the rt)

My mommy, and savior during 1st book tour meltdown (on the right)

My darlin' :)

My darlin’ 🙂

Clark Kent with his girlfriend Allie


Liz again, on the book tour and a Waco TV station set
Clark Kent’s high school graduation (Marie, 26, on the far left)
Bookmobile and all my favorite “babies”
Yes, it would be nice if they did what they were asked on the first instead of the fifth request, and kept their rooms clean. All in all, though, they are healthy, happy, and successful, so I’m not going to tempt fate by asking for more.
But if any of you were to give me something this Mother’s Day, here’s what it would be:
1. I’m trying to go permafree on Amazon with a short story, but I can’t do it without you. If you could scroll down to just above the reviews of The Jumbie House and click on “tell us about a lower price” and fill it out 3 times, once each for Kobo, B&N, and Smashwords, using the links provided in the Review Tracker. Heck, why not download it while you’re there? It’s only 99 cents 🙂 and free on B&N, Smashwords, and Kobo if you’d rather.
2. I need downloads and reviews of my FREE Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest entry, which you can do HERE. Can you believe it is only 99 cents? Hmm, a download of it would be a good thing, and at that price you can gift it to anyone and everyone!
3. It’s not too late to order the Katie & Annalise trilogy for a mom in your life:

You can buy your mother the whole Katie & Annalise series in paperback for the discounted price of $30 at this link. Scroll down to click “add all 3 to my cart.” Easy peasy. And perfect for mom-types. Or if she’s an ebook reader, give her the 99 cent (this week only) Finding Harmony ebook from any online seller by choosing their Give as a Gift option. Just don’t tell her you only paid 99 cents for her present . . . http://www.amazon.com/Finding-Harmony-Annalise-Series-Volume/dp/1939889103
 If you prefer a signed set, send $30 on http://Paypal.com to info@skipjackpublishing.com (5-7 days for delivery) or $35 (priority mail, faster delivery), with your address and any instructions for personalization of the signing. You can send a check to SkipJack Publishing, POB 31160, Houston, TX 77231 if you prefer.
4. Follows would really help me. I’d love them on Facebook (http://facebook.com/pamela.fagan.hutchins.author), Amazon (http://amazon.com/author/pamelafaganhutchins), twitter (http://twitter.com/pameloth), Goodreads–friend and fan (http://goodreads.com/pamelafaganhutchins). Bonus: sign up for my blog:http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify… ; and newsletter (2-3 times per year): http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/emailsyndication…
5. Finally, I need reviews on Finding Harmony, which you can do HERE. Can you believe it is only 99 cents? Hmm, a download of it would be a good thing, and at that price you can gift it to anyone and everyone!
So if I could have all of that, and world peace, I’d be happy. Well, if I could also have the body I had when I was 40, I’d be happy, too, but I guess that will take Ironman training. So maybe some encouragement there to get me started again? <3 <3 <3
That’s all I got.

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