Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.49.55 PMHey y’all.

Well, it’s official. The Bookmobile will hit the road again this summer, but for only four weeks this time. We (BM and I) have to, really, because we missed the great Northwest. The map above ALMOST represents our route, if you swung it over to Orange, CA on July 3. If you live in or near one of these cities and have a book club or writers group or women’s organization and would like to request a tour stop to meet with you, please email

St. George, Utah July 2

Orange, CA July 3

Reno, NV July 5

Bend, OR July 7-8

Astoria, OR July 9

Bellingham, WA July 11

C’ouer d’elene, ID July 12-13

Buffalo WY July 14-15

Rapid City, SD July 16-17

Wahpeton, ND July 18

Sioux City, IA July 19

Omaha, NE July 20

Wichita, KS July 20

Dallas, TX July 22-25

We’re doing things very differently this summer. For one, we aren’t doing bookstore events. It was a condition of my participation 🙂 as was NO MEDIA!!! I’ve already had that dream, last summer, and it was wonderful but exhausting, and I don’t want exhausting this summer. HOWEVER, we will be stopping in and dropping books with indie bookstores along the way. Do you have a favorite in one of these cities? If so, let Eric know so we can tell them you sent us. We’re doing drop-offs with libraries, too.

Our main events will be either by request, like our joint book club stop in Orange, CA, or at RV parks. Yes, I said RV parks. Last summer I spent a lot of time in them. I noticed that a large percentage of the people there were semi or fully retired, and that many were avid readers. Several park owners told me about author events they had hosted in the past. Well, I’m looking for READERS, and that sounds good to me. So catch us entertaining vacationers at an RV park near one of these towns, on these dates.

We will also be staying at or near national and state parks as often as we can, and we’ll have four bicycles on the book of the Bookmobile. Yes, we are going to hike/run/bicycle our way through the Northwest!

Petey has voted not to go this summer. It pains me to admit it, but my sweet little buddy HATED 60-Cities-in-60-Days last summer. We will miss him, but he’s going to stay with Susanne and Clark Kent.

In the meantime, I had a great interview with Christine Munroe, US Manager of KoboBooks. Petey snore-bombed our video feed, but her dog barked too, so, waddyagonnado. My editor Meghan has Going for Kona in her hands, and she is gently reassuring me as she reads that I have not suddenly become unable to write, and that the world as I know it is still a wonderful place. This weekend Susanne gets her new baby steer and goes to a junior-senior prom. I’ve helped her shop and completed alterations on her dress. All the kids were sweet for Mother’s Day, mostly 😉 and Eric and I had a fantastic trip to Montreal, where he worked at a client and I worked from the gorgeous hotel suite near McGill University and Mont Royal.

Keep sending good thoughts to the Publisher’s Weekly editor who is scoring Finding Harmony for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, everyone. And have a super week!!

That’s all I’ve got.


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