imagesHey y’all:

I’ve posted regularly these last few weeks on the Skip the Jack Indie Publishing blog, for so any of you writer-peeps, I wanted to be sure you got the benefit of whatever wisdom I have to share:

On offering your book as an ebook or paperback pre-order online prior to launch: Does the early bird get the worm with indie book pre-orders?

Should you crowdfund to raise money for your book launch? Adventures in Crowdfunding

Ok, this was Eric on why an author must blog: Author Blogging: Yay or Nay?

Eric again on the importance of print books for an indie author: Print Books: Eric Makes His Case

Back to me: why I believe in Author Marketing Club: Proud to be a member of the Club.

Eric, begging writers to adopt the Less is More approach he learned during five weeks in Siberia: Less is More

That’s all I’ve got. Have a great weekend y’all. We’re acquiring a baby steer and trying to survive a prom.


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