Below is an excerpt from one of my recent posts on Skip all the Jack, the Indie Publishing Blog. It’s getting a lot of love, so I thought you guys might enjoy it:


Stop the madness, people. Hire a damn copyeditor before you publish your books.

Maybe you are one of the eager writers who attends my workshops and presses your book into my hand.

“You’re going to love it. I can’t wait for you to read it,” you say. “I hope you can review it.”

Or you could be a writer who connects with me via social media and is–understandably–asking for a review. Books need reviews. Maybe you give me your book. Maybe I download it free or on sale.

However I get it, I open it and start reading. And one page in, sometimes three, I turn to my husband and say, “Oh no.” Because you sat through my workshop or my Facebook diatribes or my blog posts or my Loser book and know what I think about the necessity of professional copyediting, and that I believe it’s not just about competence, it’s about respect for readers. Yet you slapped that book on me with a smile and a wink believing you will fool me and your readers with a self-edit or one done by your half-hearted critique group or even a cheapo or barter job done by a friend who does a little writing/editing on the side.

You won’t. We’re smarter than that. We’ve learned to expect more from writing. We don’t invest our time in crap that’s not ready to see publication.

You didn’t fool me.

My husband sighs. “The editing or writing?”

I count the obvious errors, the errors 95% of their readers will catch:

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