Let me start by saying Eric remembered to take pictures, fifteen minutes after our event was over tonight–but people were still there, so it COUNTS!

OK now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Before we headed out for the day’s excursions, we met these little guys: five weeks old! Cocker Spaniels!


They wanted to come home with me. However, no new dogs for us until we move out to Nowheresville, and then it’s a guard dog.


I ain’t’ gonna lie though. These little balls of fluff felt pretty good in my arms.

For our one glorious day in Idaho, we decided to go to Montana. Actually, we decided to go to Montana and back into Idaho, then back to Montana and back to Idaho again. Why? For the Hiawatha Route, the Trail-to-Rail extraordinaire which features the two-mile pitch-dark Taft tunnel (and several others of lesser lengths and thus darkness), amazing scenery, slightly decline the whole way, and seven sky-high train trestle crossings. It was a big wow. So glad we did it.


In the Taft tunnel. This was on our way back when I’d figured out an iPhone flashlight worked better than no light at all. On the way out, we walked our bikes, in pitch black with dim reflectors to guide us.


Done!  And grinning. Only 13 miles, and no uphill. That’s actually a negative at our house–a good ride is one that wipes you out ;-).


The view DOWN, from a train trestle. FREAKED ME OUT.

When we returned, we took another swim in the river. Well, technically, I walked in up to my rib cage. Eric immersed and did four or five good seconds of freestyle.

Our event was at the park’s game room. We had really good placement of our posters and signs, and we felt great about our number of impressions. We had a lot of great people come by and chat, many of whom we pointed to the free ebook version of Saving Grace. Some were diehard paper page readers, like these Canucks:


The park had a lot of Canucks in it, if you want to know the truth. But then we are pretty close to Canada, and those were all people from Alberta.

When the mosquitos started to bite, I was done for the night. We tucked in early, because Monday was to be a 10+ hour drive day with 10 library stops. Yikes.

That’s all I’ve got,



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