Our first ever “Women of Mystery” book signing and Q&A panel was at the River Oaks Barnes & Noble in Houston this past weekend. I was joined by authors Stephanie Jaye Evans (the Sugar Land Mysteries), Kay Kendall (Austin Starr Mysteries), Mandy Broughton (children’s and cozy mysteries), Rebecca “R.L.” Nolen (psychological mysteries), and Gay Yellen (romantic mysteries).

It rocked!

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You can probably tell from the pictures that it was great, for everyone but me that is. A few minutes after the Q&A started I realized I was getting a horrible migraine. An hour later, the Q&A ended, but by then I was so sick that the elephant tranquilizers did very little to help and I literally ended up back and forth between drooling with my head down and drooling over the porcelain pagoda in the bathroom.


Eric was a HERO, not just for picking up my slack, but because he basically took care of all the needs of seven female authors with all our eye candy signs and coffee requests and needs for encouragement. (Back off ladies, this wonder husband is all mine! ;-))

We reprise our panel in Pasadena at their Barnes & Noble on November 22nd. See you there, if you’re in the Houston area.

That’s all I’ve got.




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