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Heaven to Betsy final ebook cover

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So I want to take you back, to the 7th grade year of our youngest, Susanne.

On skipping class and generally defying authority:

On rehabilitation:

So the girl who skipped homeroom 23 times in 7th grade strikes again, and she has senioritis bad. BAD. I got a letter from the school which took three weeks to get to me because of our recent move, in which I learned she is in violation of the HISD absence policy, and that if she incurs any more unexcused absences, they’ll charge us $500 a day.

She SWEARS these are just tardies and that everything is fine, but I think I may have free labor for the next few months. But on the other hand, we just got word that she has been accepted to Texas A&M (Whoop!). She moves out in early July, and I know I will cry my eyes out then, but, until that time, I reserve the right to snatch her bald-headed. TEENAGERS. Ay carumba!!!!

She also informed me that Dixie the pregnant heifer is moving out to our new place in April and that “someone” has to stay out there with her for a few weeks around her due date in case she has trouble. Want to guess who she means when she says “someone?”

sami and emmy in ft worth

Here’s the problem child showing Emmy in Fort Worth.

The house won’t be ready in April when I need to live there to deliver a cow-baby, so I guess it’s a good thing we have the Quacker. Here’s the house now, though, and progress is coming along great:

IMG_5747 IMG_5762 IMG_5770

And finally, for the really brave, here is how a writer procrastinates (sent to Eric, but it was a hit with my Knights of Pamelot because of the animal cameos, so here you go!):

That’s all I’ve got.


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