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Hello out there, it’s Pamelot here, checking in. I’m hard at work in what I hope is the last week cranking out the first draft of Earth to Emily (Emily #2), and I tend to go AWOL when I’m in the word soup. Meanwhile, Heaven to Betsy (Emily #1) should be out to beta readers/advance reviewers on March 12th (you know who you are, blessed souls). Awesomeoness like this review above sure does make all this work worthwhile <3 <3 <3 to GiniB, whoever she is/where ever she is.

On the non-writing front, progress on our Nowheresville house creeps along. We can’t wait to move in this summer. It’s killing us! I finished up work on the interior design last week, other than picking our actual granite slabs. So much fun!

Petey, surviving the clearing of a hilltop for driveway "fill." Ah, the scents from freshly turned earth and its softness to a city dog's feet ;-)

Petey, surveying the clearing of a hilltop for driveway “fill.” Ah, the scents from freshly turned earth and its softness to a city dog’s feet 😉

I’ve discovered some awesome new “clean” recipes (and mostly “clean”), like fresh cherry limeades and “Krispy Kreme” style donuts.


We’ve prepped our Nowheresville pen for Dixie’s calf, due in April, with the help of her 17-yo female “mama,” Susanne.


Like daughter, like dog?


We cheered our middle child Liz on in her swan song as a college swimmer, at SCIAC (division championships) in California. Congratulations to her on a great meet and great year as swim captain. We know she’ll be a huge success at whatever she tackles next.

bean elastic face swim meet Michelle and Dennis sciac after 200 im 200 free relay sciac 2015 bean happyyyyy 800 free relay team 2015 sciac bean johnny and eric in rain watching sciac 2015 eric and bean sciac 2015 seniors flowers

Petey has endured blanket-stealing cats taking his rightful place beside my standing desk.


But in the end he has won.

me and petey against the blanket stealing cats

The camera-shy Clark Kent has traveled hither and yon as a U of Houston debater and as a high school debate coach and judge. He still makes time for us on Tuesday nights for dinner (and usually a Rockets basketball game on TV).

Photo on 2-10-15 at 7.43 PM

Susanne and I visited Texas A&M to celebrate her acceptance and secure housing.

IMG_6039 IMG_6100

Eric trailed along with me to my annual meeting of Employment Practices Solutions.


I’ve enjoyed some time on the road trailing my husband as he works. Hotel room flowers are just one way he’s showed me he appreciates the company, as he spends four days per week in Dallas Feb-Apr. Unfortunately, this is the only trip I’ll be able to make with him 🙁

Photo on 3-10-15 at 10.25 AM

Have a super week, y’all!

That’s all I’ve got.



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