The launch of Heaven to Betsy went off without a hitch; in fact, it went quite well. H2B had my best release stats ever:




This week, Mystery Reader’s Circle made Heaven to Betsy their Mystery Pick of the Day. Read about it (and other great books), HERE.


The reviews are rolling in, now, and they are super. I am always tickled when I see the difference between men who write reviews versus women.  Reminds me how, for my husband, the highest praise is that something was (simply) “fun,” and my son for whom the same is (simply) “good.”

Here’s the exact same rating from a woman, versus a man. Both gave it a “5,” the highest rating category for Amazon:

A woman:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 5.47.19 AM

A man:



I love it! 😉


The first of the book bloggers has weighed in, as well. Check out the review on Miki’s Hope, HERE. Not only does she review H2B, you can discover other great reads on her site as well.


I hope your Easter weekend was lovely, whether you celebrate it or not. We do, and it was low key family time. My favorite. Here’s a glimpse into Easter-past, when I was the age our youngest daughter is now:



<3 me some Kayla (my friend), to this very day. In my heart, I think I’ll always feel that young, no matter how many wrinkles, pounds, or age spots later. Because, yes, I found age spots on my 48-year old hands last night. Eric laughed at me. He’s had them for years. Easy for him to say. He has the same body he had at 28. Maybe I will, too, after I can run again. Which we think is coming soon. I’m having the Big H later this month, and my doctor believes it’s going to reverse the problem I started having three years ago. I’m optimistic, and ready to get this thing out of me 🙂


Progress on Earth to Emily is good. I am on target to finish “One Pass Revision” before my surgery and hope to read it aloud for polishing after surgery to have to my editor by May 1st. I can’t believe I have to turn around and write Hell to Pay and have it in to her by August 1st after that. I really want a break, but I won’t be taking one. May 2nd, Hell to Pay will commence. Not that there won’t be time off. We have Liz graduating from college, Susanne graduating from high school, my grandfather’s 100th birthday celebration, a trip to St. Croix to visit Marie, us moving into our Nowheresville house, and finally Susanne starting college July 6th, all in a six-week period. So I’ll have some down time. Just no relaxed time.


Next week will be hard: Susanne shows Snoopy for the last time, and sells him. UGH. We’re all ready to sob.



Finally, progress on Nowheresville is going GREAT. Eric and I picked our granite slabs ten days ago. Such fun! The stone is up, inside and out, and this week it gets painted inside and out as well. Then cabinets, appliances, granite, floors, and miscellaneous! The rain has mostly stopped (it’s been raining since last October nearly non-stop) so our driveway will go in and our giant Michael Phelps swim spa will be installed, all in the next three weeks. Last weekend, Eric planted more grass, and this weekend we plant another field AND . . . clean out the Quacker, which will be moving to a new home. Boy, that makes me nostalgic and strangely sad.


Year “now,” Nowheresville, the new house.


beverly hillbillies

Year one, Nowheresville, the Quacker (and the old Suburban).


Just because I’m feeling sentimental, here are some of my favorite Quacker-era stories:

The Redneck Adventures of Bubba-Mon and the Quacker

Rednecking Can Lead to Redneckedness

Return to Nowheresville

Picture me in Nowheresville, without a heater in the Quacker. YEAH.

Heaven or hell?

If a tree falls in the forest.

That’ll knock some sense into him.

I call shotgun.

The Goatses With the Mostest

Slightly Offensive and Totally Inappropriate Nowheresville Confessional


That’s all I’ve got.


p.s. You can grab the H2b e-book for 99 cents through April 8th. You can even gift it at this price. Then the price will be $4.99.

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