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Author Ken Oder and me.

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Have I got a treat for you! Ken Oder’s luscious new book, Old Wounds to the Heart, just came out. I’ve been authorized to give away e-book copies to my readers who commit to leaving an honest review on Amazon in the next 30 days. All I need from you is an email to me or a comment to this post with the format you’d like (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, pdf, etc.) and your email address.

How easy is that?

I have a story to tell about this book. It’s no secret that Ken and I collaborate. I am so honored to give him feedback, and to get his. He was one of my first-ever writing retreat attendees, too, and left this review about it, HERE. When Ken had finished writing The Closing (Kindle top 50, IndieFab finalist), he told me about an idea he had for a book that was in the same era/location, but was nothing like The Closing. Conventional wisdom would say he should write the same type of book to appeal to the readers he had accumulated so far. In fact, I often suggest that to people, but not at the expense of their creatively. I told him to write the book of his heart, not the book of his balance sheet. He thanked me, and a year later, he sent me a manuscript. Talk about a great gift for a very small pieces of advice! We got on the phone to talk about it. It was after we’d cleared the plot for our Nowheresville house, but before we’d started building. I walked around the clearing as I talked to him about his beautiful book and the ideas I had that might help him make it the best it could be. The spot I paced is now my kitchen/great room, and the book we discussed has a few of my ideas woven in is now Old Wounds :-D.

So, to whet your appetite, here’s the scoop on Old Wounds:


A violent southern romance

The second Whippoorwill Hollow novel

Shenandoah National Park, Thanksgiving Morning, 1967

The morning mists are still rising in Whippoorwill Hollow when two aging friends find themselves staring at each other: one pointing a gun and the other beaten and chained to a tree. Their love for the same woman has buckled under the weight of a long-held secret — until now.

Out of the blue mountains of Virginia comes a 1960s American tale bound with the regrets people carry to their graves and a tumultuous chance at redemption. Three friends decide if their hearts will lock them into old wounds or lead them to new love.

˃˃˃ Secrets, passion, love, and violence

“Secrets, passion, love, and violence: they’re not for the weak of heart or body, which is what makes the septua- and octogenarians in Ken Oder’s latest Whippoorwill Hollow novel so intriguing. The characters are endearing and eccentric, and the setting at once brutal and brooding. I couldn’t put it down, and I can’t wait for the next one.”

– Pamela Fagan Hutchins, USA Best Book Award winning author of Heaven to Betsy and the Katie & Annalise mysteries

˃˃˃ Thrilling, beautiful literary fiction

“. . . a thrilling experience . . . a work of art, or poetry, or beauty and all of the above. Oder takes you back in time to a place in a rural Virginia town and gently reveals parts and pieces of its topography and people. The story is not a gentle one . . . but it is simply beautiful.”

– Rebecca Nolen, author of Deadly Thyme and The Dry

˃˃˃ Reveals the symbiosis between joy and heartache

“. . . masterfully crafted, brimming with the sort of spellbinding wisdom that takes your breath away. Cast from characters who could easily be our friends and family, this story confronts the darker side of human nature with unflinching precision. It reveals that the line dividing right from wrong isn’t always clearly defined, that an undeniable symbiosis exists between joy and heartache.”

– Daniel Wimberley, author of The Pedestal

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