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This wine has nothing to do with this post, I just like the names on the bottles. They’re from the writers retreat I hosted in August, with many thanks to the writers who brought them.

I’m asked a lot how people can help me, which is really awesome when it happens, and usually comes from people that are already helping me anyway. A better question at that point is how can I help them/you? So here’s the deal: I’m going to post here my ever-popular (with authors, LOL) “How to Help Your Favorite Author” cheat sheet. Obviously, if you read it, you’ll know a bunch of ways to help me. That doesn’t suck for me, but what about YOU? In the comments to this blog post, let me return the favor: you tell ME how I can help YOU. Now, I’m not donating any kidneys this week or building a wing onto your house 😉 but if there’s something reasonable I can do, I’d love to try to do it. So hit me up.

Knights of Pamelot: How to Help Your Favorite Author

I’m sure the author in your life would appreciate any efforts you make on her behalf, even if you stop after the first suggestion in this article. But, heck, why not try them all? Any of us can eat a very large elephant, if we just do it one bite at a time (and preferably utilize vacuum-sealed freezer bags, because it’s going to take you a while). I will not address the vegan/vegetarian ramifications of this last statement; suffice it to say that I truly meant “can” and not “will want to.” Now, back to the topic of promoting your favorite author.

The Old-fashioned Way

Buy their books, people, in whatever form — print, e-book, audio, or whatever. But don’t just buy them. Read them. Tell everyone and their red-headed brother how much you loved them. Lend one to a friend, who might in turn buy the book as a gift for someone or tell five other people about it, who then go buy it. And here’s an idea — you can give them as gifts! Put one on your book club’s reading list; start a book club if you don’t have one. Ask your local bookstore to order them for you. Ditto your library, or donate yours when you’re done reading it. Your words are powerful. Use them. 

The Techie Way, but Low Techie

  • Subscribe by e-mail to your favorite writers’ blogs and newsletters. Then forward them to other people, who might also subscribe or visit the websites. While you’re at it, follow them on all forms of social media. You can find me at to subscribe and follow. (Just sayin’.)
  • On Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest and similar social media sites, post links to the authors’ books. Or share/retweet links posted by others.
  • One-third of all book sales occur on Amazon. Go to Amazon, and do several important things:

If you don’t know how to find their author pages, then go to one of their books. If you click on their name below the title of the book, it will take you to the author page. If you don’t know how to find their books, you’re in trouble. Just kidding. Search for the book by title and his/her name in the search box in the center of the page near the top.

  • Visit every one of their books. The Knights of Pamelot have their own spreadsheet with links to every one of mine, everywhere. Share/tweet them. Leave honest reviews, with credible ratings. Write simply and from the heart. Heck, Amazon only requires 20 words.

Not High Tech, But For The InterWeb Savvy

  • There’s a virtual author/reader social club online, and it is a powerhouse: Goodreads ( ). Join, people, join. Here, you can “fan” your authors, rate and review all their books, and even add their books to your “to-read” list. By adding their books to your to-read list, you are in essence recommending to the world that they all do the same. Or at least to the world comprised by your Goodreads friends.
  • Do you Pinterest? From a page with your author’s book and an image of its cover, “Pin it” and include a comment about why you love it. The power of the Pin. Do you Stumbleupon? Again, from a page with something awesome about your author and their book, stumbleit. Use any other social media you like, too.

Now I’m Talking To The Bloggers

  • Invite your author to guest post. They can whip up a custom confection for your site, or you can interview them or one of their characters. Do a cover reveal for them. Excerpt a chapter.
  • Here’s an idea: you write about their book — as in, review it. I’ll bet your author friend will even give you a book for a giveaway. Don’t expect expensive loot, though. Authors are ramen-noodle eating, Salvation Army clothes-wearing sorts of people whose kids walk uphill in snow to school, and like it.
  • Guest post on their blogs, which brings your traffic over to meet them, and potentially creates followers/purchasers.
  • Join Amazon’s Associates, or B&N’s Affiliate Programs and their sell books for a commission on your site.
  • And of course, share/post/tweet/pin/stumble like mad over all of the posts created above.

Bonus: Here’s my hyper-organized grass-roots marketing spreadsheets, for my Knights of Pamelot, free for you to download and emulate.

Some of you are salivating with intention and I lost others of you at the first mention of booting up your computer. That’s OK. Just do the stuff you’re comfortable with. It’s all good.

Thanks for supporting your favorite authors, and me! Don’t forget to let me know how I can help y’all, below.

That’s all I’ve got.


p.s. The “Knights of Pamelot” is a Facebook group of people that like my books and want me to do things for them in return for them doing things for me and vice versa. They get advance reviews of my books and other authors, and they participate in cover design and other fun stuff. Feel free to join if you’d like.



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