A few years ago when I was seeking balance in my own life, I defined my writing mission as COMMUNITY * CRAFT * CAREER. At the time, I had the helm of the Houston Writers Guild, and you’ll see it still as their stated mission. That may be what I am most proud of from my time there.

Moving out to Nowheresville, I am in the midst of finding a new writing community. Truly, it’s been an amazing experience. While the density of writers per square mile is not as great, the commonalities I share with the writers I find are different from the ones I shared with my Houston peeps, and fun. The joy and energy of this experience has led us to hire not one, not two, but three people to work with us over at SkipJack Publishing. All three are writers/artists/dreamers like Eric and me. I’ll be sharing more about them soon. 

The writers back in Houston still hold a piece of my heart, though, and always will. That’s why I would like to let you know about the Indiegogo campaign running through the end of October put on by Spider Road Press and its founder Patricia Flaherty Pagan. Spider Road Press puts out anthologies by and about strong women and donates a portion of their proceeds to charities that help women find their strength. The writing they publish is phenomenal (take a look at In the Questions, Eve’s Requiem, or, my favorite, Trail Ways Pilgrims). If you’d like to be a part of this effort to publish new writers, give 5% to charity, make their upcoming “Approaching Footsteps” their best book yet, and keep contest fees under $25 (and to collect the many fabulous prizes that come with sponsorship), head on over to their campaign page at https://www.indiegogo.com/…/spider-road-press-books-by…

That’s all I’ve got.



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