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Congratulations to last month’s winner of the signed copy of Earth to Emily, Marguerite from St. Louis.
This month it’s all about Katie. I can’t wait to talk to her, so let’s jump right in.

Pamela: Welcome, old friend.
Katie: Old? Probably. Three kids will make you feel that way.
Pamela: What keeps you young?
Katie: My hot husband.
Pamela: What does he think about all this book business?
Katie: He wasn’t thrilled after Saving Grace. But he’s been happier with his more recent portrayals.
Pamela: How does he deal with having a famous wife?
Katie: Most of the time, he’s good with it. (Winks) Seeing me onstage makes him frisky.
Pamela: We’re not going there.
Katie: (Laughs)
Pamela: How do you deal with the recognition and attention you get from the music with Ava and with the readers of the books?
Katie: Since Finding Harmony, it seems like everyone on island is trying to get a gander at us and ask us about Annalise.
Pamela: And Annalise?
Katie: She’s very shy.
Pamela: But not you and Nick.
Katie: Less so. But with three little kids, most of the time I’m a hot mess and Nick’s trying to keep my head from spinning off. The timing was good for you letting us take smaller roles in Michele’s and Emily’s books. It’s just enough, for now, without being too much.
Pamela: Your time for more ink will come again soon, when I get to Ava.
Katie: (Snorts) Now there’s someone comfortable with attention. All kinds of attention.
Pamela: But once you’ve been in the spotlight . . .
Katie: Yeah, yeah, it’s true. And I have an addictive personality, as we all know.
Pamela: If you follow the blog—
Katie: You know I do.
Pamela: —then you know we’re hoping you’ll share what you’re doing for fun these days.
Katie: Sleeping.
Pamela: Other than that.
Katie: (Raises eyebrows) Not as much as Nick would like.
Pamela: (Shakes her finger at Katie)
Katie: Right. Entertainment. We streamed that movie with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. I nearly tinkled in my britches.
Pamela: The Heat. Loved it. Now that you and Nick do PI work together, do you study old romantic mysteries?
Katie: We’re pretty old school Hart to Hart.
Pamela: Can you even watch that anymore?
Katie: (Typing, pause) Amazon!
Pamela: Are you Kindle or iPad?
Katie: Kindle.
Pamela: What are you reading?
Katie: Mostly your books. But I also liked Little Pretty Things.
Pamela: And, most importantly, music?
Katie: Anything by Adele or the Dixie Chicks. Oh, and the DCX are on tour in the U.S. this year. Nick is flying Ava, and Rashidi and me to Austin, and we’re meeting Emily and Jack, Laura and Mickey. My brother. Michele. Some of her new friends. It’s going to be a party.
Pamela: You’re getting Virgin Islanders to go to Texas for a Dixie Chicks concert?
Katie: Ava and I have done their songs for years. I’ve been singing The Long Way Round today. Incessantly. They can’t avoid it.
Pamela: Unfortunately, the readers can’t hear you sing in a blog post. But you’ll be back next week.
Katie: Until then.

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