A continuation on our conversation with Katie, the star of the first three books in what is now known as the What Doesn’t Kill You series—Saving Grace, Leaving Annaliseand Finding Harmony.

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Today Katie shares pictures and recipes, oh my.

Pamela: One of the things people really love about your life is your house.

Katie: My big jumbie house.

Pamela: So is the house a jumbie?

Katie: No, the house has a jumbie with it, Annalise.

Pamela: And for those who don’t know what a jumbie is?

Katie: A spirit, in the language of voodoo and Santeria.

Pamela: Why do people think the house is a jumbie?

Katie: Because until me, people hadn’t been able to see Annalise. When weird things happened in the house, they didn’t know it was a young woman trapped in limbo.

Pamela: Do you hear her talk, too?

Katie: I don’t, but our little boy Taylor does.

Pamela: So no pictures of Annalise.

Katie: None. Sorry.

Pamela: But of the house?

Katie: Here are a few of my favorites.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.15.16 PM

This one is taken from a distance, with the sea in the far right horizon.



Our lovely great room with its inexplicable fireplace and hurricane glassed french doors out onto the breakfast balcony.


Here’s the patio/pool when it’s clean. And the bedroom balcony where Nick first kissed me.


The non-messy part of Nick’s and my office on the third story. You can see mango trees forever out on that balcony.

Pamela: How many balconies does this house have?

Katie: Three. Pretty extravagant, isn’t it? I love them.


Here’s my favorite place: Horseshoe Bay. It’s about two miles as the pelican flies from Estate Annalise.


And here’s a view into the kitchen. The music room is basically behind the stove.

Pamela: If I had that kitchen I’d cook all the time.

Katie (laughs): If you lived in this house so far down bad roads to town and had three kids, a husband, and your in-laws living with you, you’d cook all the time.

Pamela: So tell us what you cook.

Katie: Besides fish sticks, chicken fingers, cheerios, and mac ‘n cheese? I’m going to share one from my mother. She died on this island, and I miss her every day. So I end up making this a lot. Fried chicken.

Pamela: Fried chicken.

Katie: Yep, and she made it better than anyone.

Pamela: Okay, last thing. You have an assignment for next week. You’ll be answering one book club question. Have you picked one out yet?

Katie: This one: What evolution do you see in Finding Harmony in Katie’s relationship with Annalise? With herself? How did you feel about the revelations about Annalise and Uxolo?

Pamela: Oh, that’s a good one.

Katie: I’ll get you an answer in a few days. Now, I’ve got to run. Nick has a new case for me.

Pamela: Katie the private eye.

Katie: Can you believe it? Anyway, thanks for having me.

Pamela: Thanks for being here.

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Simple Southern Fried Chicken (Connell)

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.57.49 AM

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