This month Jack takes center stage. Yes, Jack, as in the annoyingly sexy and mysterious criminal attorney who Emily went to work for in Amarillo, and who she ultimately became engaged to, moved in with, and is (trying) to adopt Betsy with. Ah, if only everything in life were easy, right?

Pamela: Welcome, Jack. It’s nice to meet you in person. Or, for my readers, online.

Jack: (nods, smiles with one side of his mouth and a deep left dimple)

Pamela: So, tell us a little bit about your role in the upcoming Hell to Pay.

Jack: That’s Emily’s story.

Pamela: But you play a significant role in the book, right?

Jack: (Left eyebrow rises sky-high, and some shockingly golden eyes make direct eye contact) I reckon.


Pamela: (clears throat) Well, um, if you don’t want to talk about the book, how about we talk about your cases? Congratulations on your win in the Phil Escalante burglary trial.

Jack: (Looks down) Thanks.

Pamela: And, um, on your engagement and new house.

Jack: (That lopsided smile again, with glowing eyes.) Yep.

Pamela: Wow, Emily had told me you were quiet, but I’ve got to say, you’re that times two.


Pamela: Okay, well, then, is there anything you do want to talk about? Your airplane? Your ranch? Your family?

Jack: I don’t much like interviews.

Pamela: (Laughs) That was a complete sentence! Do you ever talk more than this?

Jack: (grins, left-sided, eyes twinkling) If Emily makes me.

Pamela: Do you think she could come with you for your interview next week, then?

Jack: (Drums his thumbs on the desk in front of him) God, I hope so.

Pamela: (muttering: Not half as much as me, bud.) All right then, well, Jack, we’ll talk to you—er—to Emily, rather, and see you, next week.

(chair scraping, door closing)

Pamela: Since you guys can’t see what’s happening on my end, he just tipped his hat to me, gave a little bow, and exited stage right. (Pause) I can honestly say that was the hardest interview I’ve ever done. But he is awfully cute . . .


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