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We’re back to our normal blog schedule (for now, ha!). This month it’s all about Michele from Going for Kona: What Doesn’t Kill You, #4. That’s appropriate, because I just finished a new Michele novel (Fighting for Anna: WDKY, #8), and I’m starting another (Untitled: WDKY, #12, because there will be 3 Ava books (WDKY 9-11) before we finish Michele’s saga).

Pamela: Welcome to my blog, Michele.
Michele: Thanks. I’m not crazy about interviews, but for you I’ll make an exception.
Pamela: That’s right, you have had . . . issues . . . with media in the past. Running out on ESPN. Coming close to killing a publicist.
Michele: Hey, no on likes being used and taken advantage of. (Laughs) But I took care of them.
Pamela: Is Scarlet still working as a publicist for Juniper?
Michele: If she is, they’ve kept her away from me.
Pamela: Good! Well, you know I’ve got your best interests at heart.
Michele: (Nods) I’ve heard people say we’re a lot alike.
Pamela: You’re the most like me of any character I’ve written.
Michele: I’m sorry!
Pamela: Don’t be. (Smiles) You’re that unflinching look in the mirror I need sometimes. You even led to my first recognition as a USA Best Book Award Finalist in fiction. You were also my hardest character to write.
Michele: Oh? Why’s that?
Pamela: Because it’s tough being open about the parts of ourselves we don’t want other people to know about. The only way I could write you was by making you externally different, with different life experiences. But enough about that! It’s the first Monday of the month, and readers want to know what you’re doing for fun.
Michele: (Snorts) Most people don’t use the word fun in describing me. I’m usually dubbed “the responsible one.”
Pamela: I can relate to that. So let’s rephrase it. What are you doing in your downtime?
Michele: One thing I’ve done is cut back on my workouts since I don’t aspire to do another Ironman. I watch a lot of my son’s baseball, I go to swim meets to watch my stepdaughter, and I read.
Pamela: Cookbooks? Training books like your My Pace or Yours? Novels?
Michele: Novels. I used to be into fantasy. After Adrian was murdered and his killer came after Sam and me, I developed an interest in legal thrillers, mysteries. That kind of thing.
Pamela: A reader after my own heart. Any recommendations?
Michele: I tend to discover authors by their free e-books, then get hooked for the series. Most of them have $1.99 audio companion add-ons, too, so I can switch to my ear buds when I’m working out. I enjoy Patricia McLinn. Her Sign Off is a free download. Denise Grover Swank through her Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes. Jana DeLeon’s Louisiana Longshot
Pamela: Those are definitely good ones. What about movies? Music?
Michele: I’ve been watching PBS Masterpiece Mystery while I bicycle on the trainer. I’m into Sherlock—the Benedict Cumberbatch version, even though they only come around once in a blue moon. Grantchester. Endeavour. But when it comes to music, I’ve been stuck on Adrian’s old playlist. 70s and 80s rock. Triumph’s Somebody’s Out There. Cinderella, Nobody’s FoolBon Jovi’s RunawayOther than that, my stepdaughter Belle loves Meghan Trainor and my son Sam listens to Florida Georgia Line. I like them, too.
Pamela: I’m impressed. For someone who didn’t think she could answer my questions about fun, I think my readers are really going to enjoy your suggestions.
Michele: (gives a thumb’s up)
Pamela: And you’ll be back next week to talk to us about what’s cooking at your house?
Michele: I will. And thanks for making this easier than my last few media experiences.
Pamela: If I’m really nice next week, I’m hoping you’ll let us do a cover reveal on my next Michele book, Fighting for Anna, on July 29th.
Michele: I’d love it. It’s a great cover.

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