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We’re back with writer-editor-triathlete-protagonist Michele Lopez Hanson of Going for Kona, who also made an extended cameo appearance in Hell to Pay earlier this year. Michele’s the star of Fighting for Anna, as well, which comes out in the Fall of 2016. She’s all over the What Doesn’t Kill You romantic mystery series!

Pamela: You’re back.

Michele: In black.

Pamela: A little AC/DC? Are you showing your age or listening to Adrian’s playlist again?

Michele: Probably both.

Pamela: So you know this week we’re doing two things: letting you show us your house and seeing which Going for Kona book club question you’ve picked.

Michele: Bring it.

Pamela: Now, I understand you aren’t living in your Houston house anymore, but you still own it, right?

Michele: Correct.

Pamela: Let’s focus on it then, since we don’t want to spoil it for readers who won’t have access to Fighting for Anna for a few more months.

Michele: Sure. Well, it’s the house Adrian and I bought to blend our family in, and I adore it. It’s circa 1960s, a 3 bedroom/2 bath ranch house, smack in the middle of Meyerland, a predominantly Jewish community in Houston.

Pamela: But you’re not Jewish?

Michele: I’m MethoCatholist. And mistaken for the Mexican help more than once by the neighbors.

Pamela: Is that awkward?

Michele: I guess statistically speaking it wasn’t much of a gamble as far as guesses go.

Pamela: What’s your favorite part of the house?

Michele: The backyard is like a tropical rain forest, with three ponds.

Pamela: What would you change if money wasn’t an object?

Michele: I’d bulldoze the backyard and put in a swimming pool.

Pamela (laughs): A love/hate thing then?

Michele: (laughs, too) It’s beautiful but always leaking. And the frogs, my Lord, the frogs. Every time it rains, they come out to mate. Loudly.

Pamela: When was the house updated?

Michele: We redid the bathroom just last year. Natural stone, seamless glass, a jacuzzi tub. It’s wonderful. Before that, it was 70s yuck. The kitchen is dated but top of the line. And the floors are a marble tile throughout the downstairs. Lovely.

And then there was glass in the shower! But don't ask if we're done.

Pamela: Sounds beautiful. Well, have you given any thought to the book club question you want to answer next week?

Michele: I wasn’t in love with any of them—so personal!—but I’ll go with “In what ways was Michele similar to her alter ego Itzpapolotl? When and where did “Itzpa” exert an influence, and why?”

Pamela: Yay, I love that one. Okay, so email me your answer, and I’ll do a video blog with yours and mine next week. And then we’ll reveal the Fighting for Anna cover the week after that. Thanks, Michele!

Michele: (hugs Pamela) I’ll talk to you soon.

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