Want to read all the ebooks you can consume in one month, for free? Kind of like a Netflix binge, but for ebooks? Well, here you go:

One of the subscription sites that carries my novels, BookMate, is offering a month free if you create a login, choose Saving Grace (even if you’ve already read it) at https://bookmate.com/books/TSggk6SX, then enter the PFHUTCHINS coupon code (all caps) at your user icon before you check out. Simple, generous, and Squeetastic!

Thank you, (Book)Mate!

p.s. Snowheresville was lovely, and a peaceful place to finish the first draft of Bombshell, as I channeled the islands and my inner Ava, mon.

44 degrees but sunny and warm on the “lee” side of our cabin. We came for snow and cold, which we would have gotten all winter until this week. Massive thaw a few days ago. And, yes, a boatload of snow expected the week after we leave. Well, at least I get to work outside!

Working with Katniss the day before we left (it was colder in TX than here in WY!!!). I miss my girl! This exercise is about connecting with the horse that shows up before you hop on, even if one or both of you has the I won’ts or I can’ts. Good advice for a WRITER as well. Warm up, test where you’re at, and then do the work that best matches you that day.

Our neighbor plowed one side of our driveway. Eric decided to experiment with the other. The snow won. Eric had a tough day: left his black leather jacket in TX, his laptop in the long term parking shuttle, his glasses at the checkin counter, his Valentine’s Day card for me in his office, and his flannel PJs in the closet at home. But all is well that ends well!

Our gas company delivers based on a usage projection model. Somehow, our usage wasn’t modeling. No gas was delivered. Luckily, they accepted all blame and delivered free after hours, b/c it was dang cold inside!! I’m wearing two coats with my scarf, gloves, and hat. 

Meanwhile, #TeamPetey chilled out in College Station as a temporary Aggie with our youngest and her cat Loki. I think he loses his dog card for this picture!

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