Thank you all for helping launch Bombshell to category bestseller rankings on Amazon. Don’t have your copy yet? You can get paperback, hardback, and ebook (all links here:, with audio coming this fall.

Meanwhile, in other awesome news, I just got back from three weeks of vacation in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming where we had NO CONNECTIVITY! I prescheduled all my blogs, and I didn’t even come down for the book launch. It was incredible.

When I returned, I had a couple of cool items in my inbox.

  1. Fighting for Anna has been selected by the judges as a finalist for the Silver Falchion Award in Adult Mystery. Winners will be announced in late August. Woot!

2. I was asked to keynote the Killer Nashville Conference for Crime, Thriller, Mystery and Suspense writers. Cool!

I should go on vacation more often.

Next week I’ll announce pendant winners, and they’ll also be mailed then as well. Good luck!!!

Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from our vacation:

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