Hey, y’all!

So excited to announce I was invited to be part of a November release: 20 mystery/thriller/suspense authors teaming up for a box set of romantic stories with a cause. It’s called Love Under Fire.
50% of the proceeds are going to Pets for Vets, too! Be still my heart.

In the meantime, you can enter for a chance to win books by each of these wonderful novelists, through April 8, here: http://gvwy.io/psr1s9x

Get to know them all! I am–I entered 🙂

I’ve decided to write my first Maggie story for the box set, and I’ve been sourcing ideas with my Facebook support group, Knights of Pamelot, and you can join in the fun, HERE.

— All ideas posted get free audio codes to whichever of my books Bobbye Marrs has in her stash (email her Bobbye at SkipJackPublishing dot com with a permalink to your comment and copy and paste in this sentence so she’ll know what you’re talking about).

— If I use your idea, you’ll be brilliantly written up in the acknowledgements, and I will co-dedicate the book to you—and to Eric. I will never write a novel *not* dedicated to Eric .

So, enter the giveaways, y’all, and get ready for some Fi-YUH this fall!


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