I’m taking the Patreon plunge!

For a long time I’ve toyed with the idea of whether to create with Patreon. Patron is a platform that connects creators to patrons. For as little as $1 a month, patrons can sponsor a creator.

Why would I seek support?

Because the costs of production and publication can, literally, stop my presses, if I can’t cover them. Whoopsie.

Why would you do this?

Because you get all kinds of exclusive, valuable goodies in addition to the “feels” kind, as in “I feels good that I’m supporting the production of a radio show by women, for women, and about women,” all for the price of what the books cost anyway. But I said it better, below, in the write-up I did for Patreon:

{Or cut to the chase and go see the super cool Patreon page I did, HERE}

I’m Pamela Fagan Hutchins, winner of a Silver Falchion (which I can’t pronounce), writer of mysteries, and host of a radio show about kick-ass women in writing and literature. I also do this animal thing. Dogs, donkeys, goats, horses—I’m a sucker for fur and four legs.

I am also this odd breed of feminist, the middle-aged, moderate kind. It’s funny, because I don’t think of myself as writing feminist literature. But everything I write and all of my radio work is about strong, authentic female characters coping with the complexities of life. I’ve raised three daughters (one birth, two step, all three warrior goddesses). My dog is a girl, my horse is a girl, and I volunteer in the rescue and recovery of young women from sex trafficking. In my past lives, I’ve been a female executive in the oil refining industry, a woman entrepreneur, a sexual harassment investigator, and co-founder of a company that offered telecommuting back in the stone ages, usually to women.

So, yeah, I write women, I interview women, I empower women. And I think my readers and listeners can relate to this. They hunger for a point of view that challenges them, entertains them, delights them, and excites them, and never, ever dismisses them. Not because of their age, their gender, their religion, race, sexuality, or ethnicity. Whether they did or didn’t have kids. Whatever their body size or type. No matter their political beliefs. Or any other damn thing.

I don’t shy away from the hard issues. Immigration (legal and illegal, and the impacts on children), alcoholism, sexual abuse, sexuality and sexual identification, procreation and the choice not to procreate in all its forms, divorce, step-families, foster care, adoption, drug abuse, you name it. Women’s issues are everyone’s issues, and no authentic life is complete without facing them.

I’m working hard to deliver this. Not just because it’s fun being a writer and a radio host. Which it is. But also because in everything I do, I convince myself I can change the world, one person, one viewpoint, and one decision at a time.

(Insert snort and eye roll here: yes, in my little romantic mysteries and chatty radio. Delusional? Maybe I am. But I’m very, very passionate about this, so haters and nonbelievers move along, move along.)

That’s why I do what I do for far less than minimum wage (and sometimes no wage at all). Yes, I gave up my fancy schmancy old life for one where I toil in semi-obscurity for peanuts. Yes, I hustle to rent our farm and cabin on Air BnB to help cover my costs. Yes, I work harder than I ever have before. I write three full novels per year, plus the odd novella and short story. I host at least two radio shows a month. It’s a seven-day a week job, and it’s my privilege. I know I’m blessed, truly I am, to have readers, reviews, awards, and sales that pay the bills of running my publishing business. Most of them, anyway.

I have you to thank for it.

THANK YOU. Thank you for reading, listening, and supporting. Thank you for considering being my patron on Patreon. Take a look at the tiers and rewards on my Patreon page, and see if one of them fits you. Your ongoing support makes it possible for me to delude myself that I’m getting my messages out there to the universe. 😉 The continuity inherent in the patron model helps a
creator get over the bumps, dips, and financial road blocks life throws in the way of creating. If you are already buying my books or listening to my radio show, I thank you, and feel free to continue that if it works better for you. This model simply helps me, and I want to make sure that it’s value-added for you, too, with much more that what’s listed under the rewards tiers on my site, with audio, video, and written surprises that won’t be available anywhere else. Plus you’ll get the “feels,” as in, “I feels good about supporting the creation of Pamela’s message in this way.” Yeah, that. So won’t you join me as I evolve and my Patreon site grows and richens with me?

Thank you for helping me change the world, one reader and listener at a time . . .

Want to read the different reward levels? Or just go out and visit my really cool Patreon site?

Do it HERE. I’d be so grateful if you did.

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