Have you caught my author interview shows lately? Here are the most recent podcasts and video chats where I talk with other writers about stories with complex, authentic females at their cores as well as the issues women face in real life and how these translate into great reads. And I do it with humor,  irreverence, the occasional dive into oversharing and—gasp—profanity, and vast quantities of wine, coffee, or whatever gets us through another day. These shows are copyrighted and solely owned by Authors on the Air Global Network. Check out shows by my radio colleagues at http://authorsontheair.com

LISTEN NOW: Christina Hoag (impersonator of nuns, writer of dangerous teen romance)

WATCH NOW: Christina Hoag

LISTEN NOW: Elena Hartwell (hilarious stage director, semi mechanic, and mystery novelist)

WATCH NOW: Elena Hartwell

WATCH NOW: Claire Cameron (kick ass rock climber, snow hut builder, and internationally bestselling novelist)

LISTEN INSTEAD: Claire Cameron

Meet your next great read and favorite novelist <3

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