Which will it be? Maggie may, Maggie may not?


Buckle Bunny, a Maggie Killian romantic suspense novella, for LOVE UNDER FIRE and Shock Jock, a Maggie Killian suspense short story, for MIDNIGHT CALLER are a wrap, and I while I am three weeks behind on the Maggie Killian romantic mystery trilogy, I finally have traction and a decent schedule in front of me. I am 10,000 words (40 pages) into Live Wire, and I have outlines mostly done for Sick Puppy and Dead Pile. 

If I can stick to this schedule, above, (which admittedly is ambitious), I will turn in all three novels to my copyeditor before Thanksgiving. What a joy it would be to take off for the holidays this year!

Speaking of joy, our younger son and his lovely, long-time girlfriend spent a cold, rainy week in Snowheresville. They still called the trip “amazing,” despite getting hailed on, rained on, and generally frozen in their Razor excursions up into the mountains. The highlight of the trip for them seemed to be A’s obsession with our fave restaurant in Sheridan (Fracketlton’s) and going mudding into Little Goose Canyon where we encountered a herd of elk, although I can’t discount our Jeep tour of the mountains where we had a nine-moose day including an adorably awkward yearling who seemed to learn to jump a fence right before our eyes.

Shell Falls was also a hit (video above).

Meanwhile, our team of Amish houseguests finished the fence for the horse pasture. I spent a good portion of the week driving back and forth to Montana and feeding the guys. And playing the piano. They love singalongs.

Above is Jesse, who was a ton of fun.

The horses are now happily in their pasture, fence complete.

Now, Eric is home for a week (working). Color me happy. And productive. I made my 3000 words yesterday, and today is looking great, too.

My parents arrive for the rest of the summer as of July 10th, so there is lots more fun in store.

So whether Maggie May or Maggie May Not, life is good. But I have a strong feeling the way things are going that she may, she may, she may!

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