Well, the best laid plans of mice and men, and all that…

Eric jetted off to China, and, between his unexpected trip there and a hastily scheduled trip to Jax to move his mother, our vacation is canceled. And man did he need it. We will get a long weekend in the mountains, and a day of VIP treatment for Frontier Days and Eric Church in Cheyenne, but not the two weeks of mountain peace my (very sick, very tired, very burned out) husband needed.

Meanwhile, we rented Snowheresville for the two weeks we’d planned to be on holiday, so my neighbors took pity on my homeless tush and put the dogs and me up in their basement.

With the first draft of Live Wire finished (on schedule, yay!), I am finishing up the outline of Sick Puppy today, and starting drafting on it soon. Maggie Killian or bust. Novel writing brooks no time off!

The big summer of releases continues as Searching for Dime Box was finalized this week. All is set now! August 7 or bust. Pre-order now, HERE.

I’ve posted a new radio show: Lori Roy (2x-Edgar winner) and THE DISAPPEARING. Catch it HERE.

Here’s a few pics, pending some much better ones when Eric is back and we get a few days to play.

Sunrise out bedroom window, 4:30 a.m.

Deck view for one.

Goodbye at airport, never easy.

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