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Our two weeks in Jacksonville with Eric’s mother has come to an end. We’ll be back for the holidays, hopefully with all our kids and their significant others. God willing, she’ll recognize most of us. And even if she doesn’t, that she enjoys the present with “strangers” who love her.

It was a tough time. For her, always. For me, worrying about everyone. For Eric, facing life without parents. A life most of us eventually face. She’s here, but she’s not the mother he knows, most of the time. Alzheimer’s/dementia is a cruel beast.

At the airport on Sunday, I was due to fly back to Wyoming, Eric to fly on to Dallas for work. Meanwhile, my parents had extended their stay at our Wyoming Snowheresville, and they offered to care for our animals this week. I changed my flight and accompanied my sad husband on his work trip, where I now will finish Sick Puppy (Maggie 2). I made great progress on it in Jacksonville, but, in the end, I canceled many work days for a better cause: family. That’s okay. I extended my schedule by one week, pushing everything back through November and into December, to accommodate it.

When we got here, we discovered our Jeep is sick. With NO AIR CONDITIONER, and it is HOT in Dallas. Oh well. Welcome to Hell, right?

And that’s all I’ve got this week.


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