I just went to pick up our packages at our Dallas apartment. First, I tried to enter the passcode, which I set up, but it didn’t work. So they wouldn’t give them to me, because I didn’t have Eric‘s ID. I said, “My name is Pamela Hutchins. I’m Eric’s wife, and I’m on the lease, too.” And the snotty woman said, “Unless your name is Rita, no you’re not.”


This reminds me of the time Eric sent me flowers and the card (which he dictated over the phone), once delivered to me on the road on a book tour read, “I love you Camilla.” [Yep, that’s how we do love; more suggestions HERE.]

We live with the truth of other people’s errors.

When have you been foiled by errors in technology/made by other people?

p.s. I did sign the lease with my own hot little hand, and Eric has tried to correct this repeatedly.

p.p.s. Rita is the wife of the previous tenant. I’ve never met her. But I’m sure her husband Bruce is no happier about this than I am.

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