Now this is a couple who makes you want to puke. Literally.

Fifty-one and I still get air sick nearly every time I’m on a plane, which is far too often. “She’ll outgrow it,” they said. “It’s all in her head.”

Oh, how I wish.

I flew to Dallas with Eric from Billings through Denver, and I managed to scare the crap out of some sweet young guy in the aisle seat who insisted he wanted to change places with me, because “sometimes when you need to run for it, the aisle seat is easier.”

Mountain lion knives, bear spray, and orange gear protect me hiking, but I’ve yet to find a remedy that works for my motion sickness. #bighornmountains #biggoosecreek #walkerprairie

Related: thank you Eric for always being so kind and gentle with me. On planes. In boats. And often in automobiles.[He does love really well; more suggestions on how he does that:HERE.]

Live video interview Oct 5 at 11 am ET (or later, recorded)! I’ll be chatting with Wendy Wax about her most recent novel, BEST BEACH EVER!

Who else out there has lifelong motion sickness? Share you remedies in the comments. Here are some of mine:


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