Welp, that wasn’t our most exciting WY2TX trip, but it was close. Our steep, sheer, narrow, twisty one mile “driveway” was icy. Very icy. Like a skip jumping ramp, except with 10,000 pounds of truck, trailer, horses, dogs, and people. We employed the “fireplace ash” trick recommended by the guy who built it, and we made it out. Petey nearly didn’t, as he ran off while we were loading the horses. We thought he’d walked out with my parents (who parked a mile away and led their horses to their trailer). Turned out he was standing between our trailer and our house, trying to suggest to us that we return to the mountain home he loves. His black and brindle coat stands out against the snow, so I saw him and fetched his sad hiney back. Bells don’t work when a dog is standing stock still!

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The head winds in WY were brutal. We got six miles to the gallon, but we only figured this out when our gas light came on 35 miles from our usual first stop. I don’t know how we made it, other than my superior gas conservation driving skills 😉 We were traveling with my parents, and my dad tends to be a go-go-go pusher. We let that get in our heads, and that low gas light came on before every single stop! Who knew what a thrill ride it would be?

We had planned to overnight in Amarillo and make our hard day the last day. That would mean I would drive 11 hours, dropping Eric in Dallas mid-way, then unload, unpack, grocery shop, and take care of animals. But Eric’s Thailand virus migrated to me, and just as he was getting better, I was delirious. So instead we made day two our hard day—while I had Eric to drive (although only after he finished critiquing the first half of Live Wire). On day three, Dad drove Eric to Dallas from two hours away and two of our kids met me in Nowheresville. I collapsed in bed and they took care of everything else. Ahhhh.

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All’s well that ends well, right?

Now I’m enduring 99% humidity, torrential rains, and mid-40s temps while I work on Live Wire (Maggie 1) and sip Theraflu through a straw. Trust me, this is much colder than Snowheresville. Have I ever mentioned that I hate humidity?

Wah wah wah. 😉

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