You know you're getting old when…

You know you’re getting old when the highlight of your week is a good CT Scan and having a “weekend cheat” dessert on a Tuesday. By the way, I chose peach cobbler, and I savored every bite.
Mostly, I am in the weeds trying to finish Live Wire (Maggie #1). I turn it in to the copyeditor this weekend. Wish me luck. And a few days off before I start my final push on Sick Puppy (Maggie #2) which is due at the end of November, when I’ll be a limp noodle!!!!

Did you catch my interview with super awesome historical novelist Kristine McMorris about her new book SOLD ON A MONDAY? You can watch or listen anytime, here:

NYTB Kristina McMorris and SOLD ON MONDAY

Video version:

Ears only:

How cool is this animated graphic for the quickly upcoming Love Under Fire box set??? I could just look at it explode all day!  (Remember, pre-order only 99 cents, release date Nov. 13th). Way to go Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire, Bobbye Marrs!

Is urban fantasy your thing?
Dive into FIFTEEN amazing worlds full of action, adventure, magic and mayhem brought to you by some of the freshest voices in urban fantasy.
Want angels? Demons? Fairies? Witches? Supernatural assassins? Vampires? Whatever you’re after, you’re bound to find it in this incredible collection jam-packed with page-turning adventure.
This bundle features 8 full length novels, 4 short novels and 3 novellas written by:
Laura Greenwood
Jenn Windrow
Tiffany Shand
Victoria DeLuis
Monique Singleton
Chris Coleman
Ashlee Nicole Bye
Kim Richardson
Devyn Jayse
Robyn Jenkins
Tanya R Taylor
Sadie Moss
Cassandra Page
K. A. Last
Thea Atkinson

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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