Eric is on the road for two weeks. China and Taiwan this time, after his recent trips to Jamaica, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and—again—China.

I miss him. We are one of those disgusting couples who like each other. A lot. But it’s more than that. I don’t sleep when he’s gone. Like two-hours-a-night kind of insomnia.

This tends to make the daytime—and working on Sick Puppy, my current Maggie project—a lot more challenging. And it’s not like I can nap during the day and work at night. I.DON’T.NAP. EVER.

Catch this week’s podcasts

J.A. frickin Jance (I added the frickin part, but she totally deserves it) and FIELD OF BONES


Judith Lucci, architect of LOVE UNDER FIRE — get the 21-book romantic suspense box set for only 99 cents, benefitting Pets for Vets, through Nov. 20th, here.

Today is day four. I hurt, I hurt, I hurt. My creativity is crap. My motivation is waning. I need S-L-E-E-P!

So send me good thoughts and pixie dust as I blunder through my days with him gone. I need it, bad.

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