I hope you had a wonderful week filled with family, friends, food, and other wonderful things. We celebrated American Thanksgiving with a happy vengeance in Florida and Texas, along with the great news that my newest novel, Buckle Bunny, made the USA Bestseller List as part of Love Under Fire. Yeah, baby! But this week, it’s been back to the grindstone, with me at Nowheresville in TX and Eric in Jamaica, where he only forgot his dress belt, this time. See his hilarious post about what he brought instead:

With zero days left to go until SICK PUPPY is due, I must admit I’m pretty damn sick of it. 🙂 Sick of sitting on my butt. Sick of feeling guilty if I’m not working on a book. Sick of telling my brain to quit being lazy and DO BETTER. Sick of Maggie, Hank, and the whole What Doesn’t Kill You world.

But this too shall pass. Just not yet!

I have zero days off until I start the month-long push to finish DEAD PILE. No braincation for this writer! But after I finish, I’ll be done with Maggie and done with my 2019 novels and have only an new easy project through February. The rest will be working on edits and pre-publication and podcast and promotion. Busy, but no creativity required. That will be awesome.

So instead of working on SICK PUPPY yesterday I streamed crap shows and worked with my friend, goddess-jeweler Anita of Jewelweed on a Laura ring. I’ve found my Maggie ring has helped me write her tremendously, so Eric said I could have one for Laura for Christmas. Because Laura is my 2019 protagonist <3 and I have to find her voice somewhere in my burned out innards.

Thanks to my dear friend Stephanie, by the way, for sending Eric and me our Amarillo Sod Poodles t-shirts. Yes, that’s the name of their new minor league baseball team. Anyone care to guess what a sod poodle actually is? #funniestnameever #worstnameever The shirt is improving my attitude!


Later, y’all.

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