I just re-read my Christmas blog post from last year where I’m apologizing for not doing cards because of back-to-back book drafts. I feel like the world’s biggest excuse maker, because here I am again, not doing cards, and blaming it on back-to-back drafts every month this year, with the exception of February-March, when I was ill.

So, yeah, I’m a loser who isn’t doing cards. Again. Or even a half decent blog this year. But I will give you the highlights of another year rich in blessings.

    • Our extra house in Wyoming sold. Yippee! We are less strapped 😉 Flip side: OMG we owned an extra house and it was killing us.
    • My hair is growing back in!Yay! Flip side:  A whoooooole lot of it fell out when I was sick. 
    • Our middle daughter got married, and the wedding was a blast. Yeah! No flip side here 🙂
    • Eric survived his first year as VP of Refining for Solomon Associates, and the obligatory apartment in Dallas where he spends two weeks a month (and me one). I’m very proud of him—he works hard, and he is passionate about making a difference. Flip side: Eric really hates the travel. Being apart. Not being able to stick to his exercise or eating plans. Constantly getting sick.
    • I made the USA Today bestsellers list! Hooray for Maggie! Hooray for BUCKLE BUNNY (and Jenny Lawson, my comedy idol, liked my post of it on Facebook, LOL). I am almost through with my three full-length Maggie romantic mysteries for 2019 publication, too. Flip side: I’m getting poor in a hurry, the more successful my books are. C’est la vie. It’s fun, and the lights are still on.
    • We helped move Eric’s mom into a safe, comfortable, and highly social memory care living situation. Big relief! Flip side: dementia sucks.
    • I published two more Ava books (STUNNER and KNOCKOUT) and one more Michele book (SEARCHING FOR DIME BOX). My What Doesn’t Kill You World is growing! Flip side: the pace is insane. I need a break. I wrote a novella, a short story, and 3 more novels in the last 8 months of the year,  in addition to 2 novels in the first 4 months.
    • We had 7/8 of our kids and their significant others together for a wonderful family Thanksgiving in Jacksonville with Eric’s mom and his two brothers and some of their families. <3 Flip side: the normal ups and downs everyone faces. Life can be challenging. But the alternative is even more grim, so I’ll take NORMAL LIFE.
    • I started the Wine Women & Writing podcast with Authors on the Air. I did a live video interview of Craig Johnson that has had over 50k views (on a variety of platforms, FB below; 50k is very good for lil ole me, but I’m looking for even bigger this year) and did video interviews of Robert Dugoni and Denise Grover Swank. I did audio interviews of J.A. Dance, Susan Mallery, and many other awesome authors. Such fun to play fangirl. Pamela’s personal book club! Flip side: I didn’t need something else to do that makes me poor and stressed, LOL.

  • My parents bought a house a few miles from ours in Wyoming, so we get to play-play-play with them! No flip side here!
  • Petey our Boston terrier has weathered the transition to virtual blindness with a feisty spirit and a bruised (occasionally) noggin from running into things. Love that little squirt. We lost Louise, sadly, but Georgia still protects us all. The flip sides here are obvious.
  • We are richly blessed with our wonderful kids and family, horses, other animals, Nowheresville and Snowheresville, and many friends. <3 <3 <3 Life is complex, rich, and best of all, Eric and I love each other in a crazy-mad way that makes everyone around us a little nauseous but damn we are lucky.

Thank you for your support this year, y’all. You’re the best.

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