…from Northern Wyoming almost to the Gulf Coast of Texas. The trip is a long one: twenty-two hours. We’ll trade off drivers, so that we can take turns working on final edits of DEAD PILE (Eric’s input, and my incorporation and polishing). We’ll split the drive over two days, because Eric has to turn around on Sunday and drive back to Dallas (boo). I won’t join him on that trip, because I need to reassure our horses, who haven’t seen us (well, me) since Dec. 12, that they are the lights of our lives. They won’t care, of course, but it will make me feel better. They’ve had three rounds of Air BnB guests to take selfies with and accept apples from, and, of course, our caretakers make sure they have hay and fresh water. Plus, my cousins Jeff and Rockey were there the entire first week we were gone, so I suspect the biggies got some yummy mash every now and then.
But still. I MISS MY KATNISS. <3 And Feathers. That nose. Ahhhhh…
I also have a podcast and a videoconference on Monday. And I’m turning in DEAD PILE (MAGGIE 3) one week late that night to my copyeditor. Then I will spend the rest of the week working with her on edits to LIVE WIRE and SICK PUPPY and have them out to proofreaders the following week. It makes me weep to say this, but I have one more “book” to produce in January. It’s a guide to the WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU romantic mystery series.(imagine sounds of gnashing teeth and copious weeping now, because that’s how i’ll sound turning that puppy around in 2 weeks).
Lort help me baby Jezuz, I needs me a break for exercise and mental health!!
So in February, sweet February, I am taking a break. Yes, I need to outline three Laura books. But I’m going to work half days all month and try to regain the me I lost in October of 2017 when this crazy push began. All work and no play makes Pamela fat and cranky.
As we drive home, I pray we will have a safe and uneventful trip. And as my New Year’s gift to readers everywhere, I joined in a free book giveaway. Most of you guys have read SAVING GRACE, so be sure to download the books from the other authors in this fantastic boondoggle HERE.
Below my signature: Enjoy some of our final pics and video of idyllic Snowheresville (and my husband, aka “click bait” according to my assistant Bobbye, who notes that when we post him, the dial spins on clicks, LOL), where we spent our last week eyeball deep in snow!

Before the big snows:


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