This news is so hot, I don’t even have a cover to reveal to you yet…I have my rights back to SHOCK JOCK, my 2nd Maggie story, and I get to release it before the novels come out. Squee! Link and cover next week for you guys!!

In case you were wondering about the Maggie story order and how to be ready for her in LIVE WIRE (March), Sick Puppy (April), and DEAD PILE (May), here’s the deets:

  1. The 1st Maggie story is the novella BUCKLE BUNNY. It came out in the multi-author, USA TODAY bestseller LOVE UNDER FIRE. If you didn’t download it, the only way to get BUCKLE BUNNY is to become a $3 level patron before February 1st on my Patreon page, here: (If you do that, you’ll also get Shock Jock in February and the three full length novels in each of the next three months, without having to buy them separately elsewhere–and you get a bunch of other patron exclusives, too).
  2. The 2nd Maggie story is SHOCK JOCK. You can either get it early as a patron (see #1), OR you can buy it in ebook form anywhere online February 4th.
  3. The 3rd story Maggie appears in significantly is ACT ONE. It’s a newsletter subscriber exclusive and an ensemble mystery with all my What Doesn’t Kill You protagonists. If you don’t already have it, sign up here:
  4. Maggie next shows up in Fighting for Anna (Michele 2, Silver Falchion Best Mystery Winner) and Searching for Dime Box (Michele 3). You can get them in ebook or paperback anywhere online.
  5. Expect my Story Behind the Story blog series in February-March for Maggie, and book club questions in the same time frame to be posted on the website.
  6. Maggie’s first full length novel is LIVE WIRE. Get the ebook or paperback March 6th anywhere online. The audiobook will be out ~May 2019.

The covers are collaborations. Concept: Eric & Pamela. Original vector art imagery: Alayah Frazier. Cover style and typesetting: Bobbye Marrs.

  1. Maggie’s second full length novel is SICK PUPPY. Get the ebook or paperback April 6th anywhere online. The audiobook will be out ~July 2019.
  2. Maggie’s third full length novel is DEAD PILE. Get the ebook or paperback May 6th anywhere online. The audiobook will be out ~August 2019.
  3. Expect a BUCKLE BUNNY + SHOCK JOCK box set audiobook ~September 2019.

I’ll send you the link to get Shock Jock (if you don’t opt for the Patron route in #1 above) next week <3

My proofreaders LOVE Maggie and so does Eric, so I’m really pumped for you guys to get your hands on these books!!!!


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