Shock Jock is available today, everywhere online, for only 99 cents! Scroll down to enter the giveaway below, then grab your copy.

{Hopefully you’ve already read USA Today bestseller Buckle Bunny (if not, here’s how you can get a copy), since it’s the first story in the timeline of Maggie, with Shock Jock being the second one, followed by Act One, Silver Falchion Best Mystery winner Fighting for Anna, and Searching for Dime Box.

THEN COMES the trilogy, which, frankly, I’ve been excited about for year!!! Live Wire (Mar 6), Sick Puppy (Apr 4), and Dead Pile (May 4).}

To be properly enthused about Maggie, you should know that I am holding three major giveaways, one of which starts TODAY and runs through the launch of Live Wire. To understand the significance of the giveaways and why they are so awesome, you need to now a few things about Ms. Maggie Killian.

#1 Maggie imbibes. And by imbibes, I mean the girl likes her whiskey. As a young woman, she drank Jack. As she matured, she switched to Balcones, a Texas whiskey made in Waco. But in the trilogy, Maggie discovers Koltiska liqueurs, made at the Koltiska Distillery in Sheridan, Wyoming.

We’ll be lifting a glass along with her.

The first giveaway—starting today—

is of a big ole gift basket of Koltiska Distillery merchandise. (The winning readers in my Reader Appreciation Retreat Contest will attend a Maggie Trilogy Celebration at Koltiska in Sheridan, Wyoming, as well!)

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#2 Maggie radiates. She’s not a fancy pants kind of girl. As a washed-up alt-country rocker-turned-junker, her hero is Lucinda Williams. She likes scarves for her gray-streaked long, dark hair, and she favors boots, her Cheyenne Frontier Days belt buckle, jeans, and Johnny Was tops. But on her, everything sparkles.

The next giveaway, in March, will feature a basket from Twisted Hearts, her favorite store in Sheridan, Wyoming, including a Johnny Was scarf (if I don’t steal it out of the gift bag first!!!) and other goodies. Local readers can celebrate the release of BUCKLE BUNNY with me there on October 5th, too.

#3 Maggie transformsNot only has Maggie tanked her career as a musician, but her new old-life falls apart in this trilogy as well, so that by the end, we’re all holding our breath to see if she can make yet another transformation.

And in the final Maggie giveaway in April, one lucky entrant will win a Jewelweed Sprouts “transformation” labradorite power ring. <3 <3 <3 Not unlike the muse ring I wore from Jewelweed Sprouts while I wrote the Maggie stories!

Pretty incredible, right? Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Shock Jock, then enter this month’s giveaway and the Reader Appreciation Retreat contest, too. ALSO, check out where you can catch me live this month: on my PODCAST (Guests: Elizabeth Klehfoth, Ann Weisgarber, Christina McDonald, and C.J. Box) or at EVENTS (Houston).

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