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While you’re reading SHOCK JOCK and writing your limericks to enter my free-to-winners Reader Appreciation Retreat Contest, I am outlining the Laura novels this month. I’m in the thick of it. I promise!
Meanwhile, I thought I’d share some of the best of my limericks, poetry, and lyrics, to inspire (or horrify?) you over the next 2 months while you prepare your entry! And while these suck, they are all copyright to me.

  1. Limericks
  2. Love rhymes (and not rhymes).
  3. Exclusively Yours (unpublished except here):

Texas Winter

Ropy vine in cedar,
wind tossed,

Morning glory echo,
wild and

Turquoise-yellow butterfly,

Spring is not a promise.

Moon Shadows

Inky black moon shadow
Overflows on ghost snow
Blackens, drips, pools

Rorschach glimpse quickening
Shape shifts bear to hawk wing
Lightens, flows, cools

Sunrise robs moon’s remains
White paged spirits domain
Unseen, churns, fuels

Night vows a swift return

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Present Tense (about someone with dementia)

Nursery rhyming
Wheedling, whining
Center of the universe
Doesn’t listen
Or converse

Sudden smiling

An Open Request On Valentine’s Day

Excuse me, I’m about to whine
About my lack of Valentine

I think it not too much to ask
For shoulders rugged and tight ass

I’d like it so if he were rich
If not I shan’t be too peevish

I’m just looking for my Rhett
A Romeo’d suffice, no fret

But if there’s none that suits this full
I’d settle for one with a pulse

Don’t call me desperate or a churl
I’m just a Valentineless girl

(p.s. I’ve already got mine and you can’t have him!

Big Magic (narrative)

Today I am awake in a completely dark house. It’s 10 degrees outside and snowy. With the windows around me, curtains back, and no houses in my vantage point, I feel as though I am out there, even though I am toasty warm inside on the couch by an old stove.

The sun is about to rise.

The badlands to the east are a dark heartline against the lightening sky. There’s an ohm-like hum as pink and orange seep upward, infusing the underbelly of barely blue clouds and splashing out over the snow-swept slopes of the Bighorns. The hum rises in pitch and intensity. Slowly, the Big Sky catches fire in a ring around the Earth.

Deer rise in a graceful dance, tails and ears twitching as they listen, button noses high, seeking messages from the Wind. The hum reaches its crescendo, a hallelujah chorus to the morning, and the colors thin out, melting into a liquid gold that trickles overhead. The Fireball rises over the horizon, and the grateful world kneels at its feet. A chimera shimmers and I catch it in my startled chest. The exultant chorus gives over to the sweet morning song of the prairie birds. The day has begun.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.59.50 AM
My day has begun, and by participating in this timeless ritual, my heart has been laid open, my mind cleared, and my core exposed to the essence of Place. In the span of this sunrise, the chimera—the collective histories of all that was before me—has seeped into me. Because of this place and its miracle, what was empty in me is filled. I’ve stolen a piece of magic from the sky.

4. Songs by my characters, from my novels: next week!

Get to writing those limericks. I can’t wait to see your contest entries <3

p.s. one more (so bad…lol)

Untitled Semi-Narrative, Perimenopausal Drivel by Pamela (but please don’t ever tell anyone it was me)

I live in a cage
With no walls
I can see out
Breathe out
(Breathe in)

I am tethered inside
My skin plexiglass
My heart is inside, with me, trembling
I am not alone
It’s in here with me, that IT

It sleeps
Coiled, huddled
But It also wakes
So I am restrained
Because if I could I would run away

I try so hard to run
But my feet can’t take me where I need to go
My fists can’t punch a hole for my heart to escape through

I try
My screams don’t pierce the barriers
My eyes don’t penetrate the darnkess

I try
My tears don’t wash me up and out
Sleep won’t transport me

I try
Somebody please help me
Do you even see Me in here?

It is here
It is awake
I am the rat for its dinner
I am inside It inside the cage inside my mind inside my skin

My words are not my words
Help me, please help me
We can put it back to sleep together

My words are not my words
I am in here, too, somewhere
I don’t recognize my hands

Let’s sing It a lullaby
Hush little darling don’t say a word
No No no NO please don’t
Please, this hurts me worse than it hurts you
You hurt me worse than I hurt you
And I have no antidote
You must sing
I have to f*#@’ing sing

Please, can’t you please help me sing
Don’t you see
You are in a cage, too
Unless we sing the cradle
Into its lazy rhythm
Back and forth

Shhh, be still, don’t say a word
I move slowly, carefully,
Slimy and cold, a regurgitated rat
I can slink away to a corner

Don’t look at me that way
Please see Me, not It
Not what It made of me
Here in the cage

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