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This week we’re continuing our conversation with Maggie, this week about what’s up at her house…

Pamela: I’ve heard you have the cutest house, ever.

Maggie: Well, yeah, she’s a sexy beast.

Pamela: Tell us about her.

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Maggie: Honestly, she was a piece of shit when I got her. It was a package deal, another way for my record label to rip me off by trading it to me for rights to my music and royalties: the land and everything on it, which turned out to include a barn, a shop, a magenta vintage Ford pickup, and the falling-down house. For a long time, I basically camped in her. The junk really spoke to me, and I repurposed a lot of it into the refurbished shop and opened Flown the Coop. Next, I got the truck running and spent years restoring it. Finally, once the shop started making money, I brought the house back up to code. Then, over the years, I decorated it and remodeled it in keeping with its farmhouse roots with pieces I found and created myself. When my birth mother passed—and I learned of her existence—I inherited her art collection. So I’ve added wonderful pieces that were gifts to my mother, who owned an art gallery, and priceless paintings by her.

Pamela: Sounds wonderful. Do you have a favorite?

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Maggie: Front Porch Pickin’. It’s a joyfully melancholy painting of a guitarist. And of course it’s a Gidget Becker original. I keep it in my bedroom.

Pamela: Do you have a favorite room?

Maggie: The house is tiny and the rooms are tiny, so there’s no modern open concept flowy element to it. It’s tight and cozy. For that reason, I like the kitchen best. It’s like a hug, which is what cooking is all about. Love. The cabinets are all reclaimed wood, painted and pickled. I have a skirted butcher block island in the middle. And the appliances are gas and electric, but they’re throwback style. Oh! And I have a big porcelain farm sink.

Pamela: What do you like to cook in there?

Maggie: Slabs of meat. I’m a carnivore.

Pamela: No veggies?

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Maggie: To the extent they enhance the meat.

Pamela: Dessert?

Maggie: I’m more of an expert in the cocktail department.

Pamela: Care to share a recipe for your favorite?

Oh, wow! Emily Carpenter today, y’all. Author of the brand spanking new release Until the Day I Die, and former actress/producer/screenwriter, talking kickass women, flipping stereotypes, and hooks that I love but her agent doesn’t (a soccer mom version of Lord of the Flies).

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Maggie: Sure. It’s really a two-part recipe. The cocktail, and the morning after version.

Pamela (eyes widen): This sounds dangerous.

Maggie: So they say.

Pamela: Thanks, I think. Readers, the recipes are below. Imbibe at your own risk.

Maggie’s Favorite Cocktail

One bottle Koltiska Liqueur

One cocktail glass

Pour two fingers. Sip. Keep sipping. When empty, pour four fingers. Take bigger sips. Repeat until everything feels peachy. For me, that’s when I quit thinking about that SOB Hank Sibley.

Maggie’s Hangover Cure

Sleep until noon. Drink a glass of water. Make and quickly consume Maggie’s Favorite Cocktail. Have someone scramble you egg and chorizo breakfast tacos. Go back to bed. Second Maggie’s Favorite Cocktail optional.

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