This week’s scheduled Meredith Wild interview fell victim to a broken internet in Florida. BUT we’re scheduling for next weekend, in person, at a conference we’re both attending. Face-to-face is always fun!

Audio update: LIVE WIRE has been submitted for publication, and I am 75% of the way through SICK PUPPY. Like anything I do, I seem to be all-in when I dip the edge of my smallest toe in the water, ha ha. I expect to be done with DEAD PILE by this time next week, and back to writing new things. Excitement of the week: recording five chapters without plugging in the audio system. D’oh! Redo.

Katniss update: my poor girl is healing slowly and painfully. Long term prognosis is good. What is worse than kids or animals in pain? Nothing, in my book.

One week (or so) left to enter for a change to win my “Maggie Transforms” labradorite muse ring, here.

Finally, new covers for Emily! After our big re-cover project, here’s how the girls look:


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