DEAD PILE is available today, everywhere online, for only $2.99!

I was sick for the release of SICK PUPPY, so I am hoping for the best for DEAD PILE. Louise, our dog aka “Fucker,” did die last summer (RIP, Louise–we don’t know what got her up in Wyoming, but there are lots of critters bigger and badder than she was 🙁 unfortunately), and the horse who inspired Lily, my Katniss, got caught in barbed wire and nearly died.

Then just this week, Eric—ok, I’ll admit it, Hank is largely based on Eric, more than any of my past male leads—was in a horrible car accident.

Y’all pray for our household. I don’t like these prophetic book titles! And Eric has asked me never to include characters inspired by loved ones again!!!!

{Hopefully you’ve already read USA Today bestseller Buckle Bunny (if not, here’s how you can get a copy), since it’s the first story in the timeline of Maggie, with Shock Jock being the second one, followed by Act One, Silver Falchion Best Mystery winner Fighting for Anna, and Searching for Dime Box.

THEN COMES the trilogy, which, frankly, I’ve been excited about for year!!! Live Wire, Sick Puppy, and Dead Pile.}

Meredith Wild, the world traveling, gorgeous former tech-“geek,” talked to me on Wine Women & Writing about The Red Ledger, going outside her comfort zone, the saucy dream that led to the series, and her next possible career as an international assassin, today on Wine Women & Writing Radio with me. Catch the video or audio here.

WYOMING PEEPS! Join me at Sheridan Stationery for coffee, cookies, and the release of DEAD PILE on March 25 from 1-3 pm

AMARILLO/PANHANDLE PEEPS! Join me for a “Wine & Sign” at Budding Art by Kerry  on March May 17 from 5-7 pm

It’s final days for entering the “Maggie transformation” labradorite ring from Jewelweed Sprouts, too. Enter here.

Finally, I am the featured interview in this issue of LONE STAR LITERARY LIFE.

“Publisher, speaker, blogger, and author, Pamela Fagan Hutchins is a force of nature — and yes, that’s a compliment.” (LOL) Read the rest here.

That’s all I’ve got for now folks. I don’t often say, buy my book, because I think it’s crass, but I’m super proud of the Maggie trilogy, and I’m really hoping that even if I don’t ask, you’ll go out and read them anyway.


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