Greetings from the Rocky Mountains—Bighorns, version—where we have a brand new septic tank after our old one collapsed. Thank God for our Home Equity Line of Credit, for real. Not only does this yield a hefty bill (on top of several others for our traumatic year-to-date), but we had to cancel on our very nice vacation renters. Our plumber told me to use 1500 gallons of water as fast as I could, so that we could anchor our tank (they float, and we’d recently had epic rains). Thus, instead of writing Laura on week 1 of my Blue Streak “push to the finish” month, I did eighteen loads of laundry, hauling up and down 3 flights of stairs as I unmade and made beds and fetched blankets and the like.

maybe it will be big enough!


Our younger son Clark and his girlfriend Allie are now visiting. They saw five moose on their first trip on the Razor up into the mountains. We haven’t been up at all. Life is coming at us fast lately. But we plan to enjoy the heck out of their visit, as soon as Eric is home from Dallas.

Also this week, I recorded a podcast with NYT-bestseller Kate Quinn about her book, THE HUNTRESS.

And I released the box set of all three full-length Maggie books, called, aptly, the MAGGIE BOX SET. Get it here.

Want download codes for my audiobooks? All I ask in return is an honest review. Email PFH at PamelaFaganHutchins dot com to make your request.

Send good Laura-writing thoughts (you can read the first chapter HERE, where you’ll also be treated to my bad hair and singing/piano playing). It’s getting great feedback so far.

That’s all I’ve got.



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